• Stan Lee A Real-Life Superhero And His Iconic Work 1


    Stan Lee: A Real-Life Superhero And His Iconic Work

    One of the greatest writers, editors, and publishers of all times, Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95. For anyone who doesn’t know who Lee is, this iconic character is responsible for some of the most epic Marvel Comics characters ever. Stan died in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, yesterday morning. […] More

  • The Most-Watched Events In TV History 1

    The Most-Watched Events In TV History

    There was one point in the past when television was the best media to get informed and be entertained. Way before social media such as Facebook and Instagram were present, TV was the biggest thing. Everyone wanted to own one, and everyone wanted to go through the variety of channels. There are certain happenings throughout […] More

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    Ideal Gifts for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Finding the ideal gift for a loved one or a friend is challenging. Unless you’re highly attuned to their exact tastes, you want to pick a gift that is useful, fun or quirky. Doing so allows you to avoid misjudging what they’d prefer in a new outfit or something else that’s quite personal and all […] More

  • 5 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World dublin lbrary


    5 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

    There is one thing that connects book and architecture lovers. That is also known as a library. There are so many opulent, stunning libraries all around the planet that will take your breath away. All these buildings date from way back and are characterized by unique architecture. If you are a book obsessive, who also […] More

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    The Weekly News Round Up for November 9

    Hello Nacho Readers and welcome to another Round up of odd news found on the internet. It is November 9th, so besides making it through Halloween and Midterm elections (for us Americans anyway) we are back and here again! *looks for the open bag of Kitkats*   Colorado voters put end to slavery Colorado voters […] More

  • Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes oprah


    Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

    Celebrities love living a rich and opulent lifestyle. Some of them find ways to spend money on things we couldn’t even imagine. A part of those things is huge estates that feature their homes and so much more. They buy huge locations where they include fitness rooms, multiple pools, outdoor courts and other mindboggling amenities […] More

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    Scientists find REALLY Old Star in Space

    The scientists at John Hopkins University say they have discovered a star that they think is made up of stuff as old as the universe itself. The John Hopkins team believes the star is over 13 Billion years old and is made up of elements that go back to the Big Bang. The Big Bang […] More

  • The Most Jaw-Dropping Abandoned Places In The World (1)


    The Most Jaw-Dropping Abandoned Places In The World

    There are so many amazing destinations in the world that you want to visit. But have you ever thought of those mesmerizing locations that have been completely abandoned? Imagine a whole town left completely empty. These abandoned places will literally give you creeps. They are all stunningly beautiful in a special way, and extremely scary […] More

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    LEGO wins court battle over Chinese bootleg makers

    LEGO, those little plastic building block sets that everyone either has or knows someone who has a set, won a court case against four Chinese companies that were behind LEPIN knockoff sets. The case actually took place in China, a region of the world known for the black market and illegal knockoff products of everything […] More

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