Diagnostic Test in Education – An Overview

Man Doing a Test

Diagnostic assessments serve as tools to gauge students’ existing knowledge, skills, and competencies ahead of introducing new subjects or units. These evaluations pinpoint learners’ areas of strength and areas needing improvement, alongside identifying any learning gaps or misconceptions. Such tests enable educators to devise tailored and impactful teaching strategies, permitting adjustments to the curriculum that … Read more

How to Use QR Codes in Higher Education Classrooms: 9 Tips

How to Use QR Codes in Higher Education Classrooms

In today‚Äôs digital age, the use of tech-driven smart technology is enriching the education sector. Instead of scribbling the board or putting notices on the bulletin, teachers are using the latest technologies to reach students. Now, two-dimensional barcodes, i.e., QR codes, are commonly used by students and school staff teachers for better connectivity and learning. … Read more