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    Useful Tips For Being Organized At College

    We all know how hard and stressful is the life of a student. All of that can become even harder if you are not organized. Forgetting about appointments, classes, tests, mixing up the dates are the worst things that can happen. When you need to attend lectures, work and have a social life, all of […] More

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    Youtube goes down worldwide

    Both fans of and Creators on the popular video sharing site Youtube were in for a rough couple of hours on October 16th when the website was out of commision for a couple of hours. There wasn’t a lot of panic by those who produce videos, but there was a number of people to make […] More

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    5 Ways To Stay Motivated In College

    College is a wonderful experience although it can get tough at times. Being a student, while also juggling a part-time job and social life is definitely not easy. Going through life itself can require extra motivation at times. Once you start university, you will realize that you need special ways to stay motivated. You will […] More

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    Sears files for Bankruptcy

    In a move that was not unexpected, Sears Holdings Corp. filed for Bankruptcy on Monday. The store that was one a huge name in retail and one of THE places to be to get just about everything has been running into problems for years, and many customers found it was only a matter of time […] More

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