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As sure as the sun will rise, students will start to get visions of lakes, barbecues, and sleeping in past noon as the weather gets warmer and the school year comes to a close. Seniors have already been through the admissions process and now juniors start their search for the school that's best for them. Andrew S., a junior from Renton, Wash., wants to know the best things to do over the summer to get a leg up in the college admissions race.


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Simplifying the college search process with college video tours
19 August 2014 20:34
By Steve Conklin - YOUniversityTV Kids these days. They have it easy…so easy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with the all too familiar “when I was growing up; I walked twenty-five...
More in: General

Recruiting strategies that colleges use to attract new students
10 June 2014 13:46
High school students are taught early on that the college admissions process is highly competitive. Applicants attempt to achieve the highest grades and accolades possible in order to edge out...
More in: Admissions

Student loan interest rates to rise
10 July 2013 14:09
From College News - Federally-subsidized loan rates will increase for next year’s amounts Interest rates on government-subsidized Stafford student loans doubled on July 1 from 3.4% to 6.8%,...
More in: Financial Aid

Which state has the best football fans?
28 August 2014 13:48
2014 Football Fan National Championship Benefiting Catastrophically Injured Amateur Athletes (Austin, TX) Beginning September 1st, The Game Not Played, a Non-Profit Corporation located in...
More in: Sports

Apps that will help you succeed in college
03 June 2014 13:26
Why go through college without the help of your smartphone or ipad? College Apps can help make your life as a student easier, more comfortable, and a whole a lot of fun. If you aren’t on the...
More in: Trendy

It’s not about getting a job, it’s about finding a VOCATION!!!
03 March 2014 14:20
From College News - Internships are the stepping stones to success The Kane Show-WIHT HOT 99.5 – Washington DC, Baltimore, Tampa, Cincinnati, Louisville and Memphis. Recent surveys indicate...
More in: Careers

Chicago teacher strike puts Obama in a pickle
13 September 2012 14:05
From College News - The Chicago Teacher’s Strike is well into its third day and with failed negotiations happening day after day, leaving 350,000 students shut out of class, the idea that...
More in: Politics

5 great shows to re-discover while avoiding homework
11 March 2014 17:28
From College News - TV is the best way to avoid study guides and papers while hanging out with friends instead. At my first day of new student orientation, a trio of girls and I bonded over the...
More in: Edgy

eduLaunchpad and YOUniversityTV form partnership
22 March 2011 14:12
In a just signed agreement, and have joined forces to give college-bound students the best possible information for making decisions. Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB)...
More in: site news

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