The Pros and Cons of Teen Pregnancies

Teens are becoming more and more sexually active these days.

Teens are becoming more and more sexually active these days. This increases the risk of contracting STD’s and also unwanted pregnancies. Some teenagers are aware of the consequences of having unprotected sex and some are not. Then there are those who want to have a baby and those who don’t want one but end up getting pregnant anyway.

Teen pregnancies are either unwanted or wanted. Either way, if you are a teen, there are still issues that have to be faced. Here are some of the pros and cons of teen pregnancies.


They will most likely miss out on needed education. Some teen girls don’t like the stares they get from having a big belly so they might stay home from school. Then there are those who get sick a lot from the pregnancy and have to stay home. Not to mention all the doctor appointments they have to go to. So, there is a big chance that they will either miss a lot of days in school, or have to quit for the moment.

The pregnancy will have a big impact on them. They will go through pain, gain weight, lose sleep, feel stressed, and more. Pregnancy can be very hard on a teenager. Their bodies aren’t as strong as fully grown women and they are new to this experience and most often, it’s something that is hard for them to experience.

Dealing with family is another negative side to teen pregnancies. In most cases the parents will be upset. They know that they will have to support the teen and the baby once it’s born. With most teen pregnancies, the teen will not be able to care for and support the baby. They will need some kind of help. This help usually comes from the parents. So it is normal for them to be upset with the teen.

The most common downside of becoming pregnant as a teen is not being able to do the things they usually do. After the baby is born and even while the teen is carrying the child, they won’t be able to do the things they normally do. For example, they might like playing basketball, going to the amusement park, and doing things they can’t do during pregnancy. When the baby arrives, they have to turn their focus to the baby. They won’t be able to go to the mall every weekend or go out with friends. They will have to tend to the baby unless they have a babysitter.


They will be able to grow with their child. Being a young parent has it’s good points too. Being able to do things with your child is always good. Older people tend to pass up on things because they are not into whatever it is that the child might be into or they are just too tired.

There are not too many positive sides to getting pregnant as a teen. There are more negatives than positives. Either way, just make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. Educate yourself on what happens when you practice unprotected sex and get pregnant. Having a talk with an older relative or parent that will have a calm talk with you is also a good idea.

Source by Renasia Walker

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