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  • dunkirk

    ‘Dunkirk’ Conquers Weekend with $50.5M

    Director Christopher Nolan is back on top at the box office. The Director’s new film Dunkirk shot to success over the weekend taking an estimated $50.5 million according to Box Office Guru. It’s a win for Dunkirk at the box office this weekend. Studios estimates on Sunday show the Christopher Nolan World War II epic earned […] More

  • Entertained outside your house

    What to do to Feel Entertained Outside Your House

    The list of actions that can bring you fun once the decision to leave your room is made. Get ready to find the inspiration waiting for you so long in the world outside! When the author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, decided to change her life, she not only left her home but also […] More

  • war for the planet of apes

    ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ roars past ‘Spider-Man’

    Monkey business still pays. War for the Planet of the Apes took down Spider-Man: Homecoming at the box office, opening with an estimated $56.5 million in ticket sales. Caesar (Andy Serkis) struggles in ‘War for the Planet of the Apes.’(Photo: 20th Century Fox) Though a closer race was expected initially, Spider-Man dropped to second with $45.2 million after […] More

  • reality tv

    Why Do We Love Reality Shows?

    Reality shows brings entertainment to television. No matter how many times we say we hate drama. It still captures our attention. Reality shows are here to stay. Think about how boring tv would be without it. Want to know why we love reality shows? It’s because most of the drama relates to everyday situations. Mostly […] More

  • tom holland
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    MCM | New Spider-Man Tom Holland

    When Tom Holland tried out for the role of Spider-Man, he did more than just go through lines. He also did a few acrobatic moves. Tom Holland wears the red-and-blue suit as the title character in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick) The 21-year-old actor, whose previous credits include the ballet-dancing title character Billy Elliot on London’s West End, […] More

  • in

    10 Incredibly, Impossibly Annoying Movie Sidekicks Of All Time

    A sidekick is often meant to add comedic value where there is none. The character could provide hilarity in the middle of the great drama. It gives the main character somebody to react to. Some of the great movie scenes of our time involve well-known actors reacting to a special moment from a sidekick. Then […] More

  • leading men named chris

    MCM | A Breakdown of Leading Men Named Chris

    A full head of well-coiffed, sandy blond hair. Smoldering blue or hazel eyes. Thick, inviting eyebrows that say, ‘I’m strong but sensitive.’ The name Chris. The prerequisites for becoming a leading man in a superhero blockbuster are better documented than the requirements for graduation from Trump University (too soon?). But the debate over which Super Chris is the Chrissiest continues to […] More

  • kevin hart

    MCM | Comedian, Now Motivational Author Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish arrive at the 22nd annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Dec. 11. Hart and Parrish announced on May 14 that they are expecting their first child together.(Photo: Jordan Strauss, AP) NEW YORK — Kevin Hart appeared onstage Sunday in a black suit, a crisp white shirt and wearing glasses. […] More

  • johnny depp

    MCM | “It’s Been a Pirate’s Life” for Johnny Depp

    It’s been a pirate’s life, or a good 14 years for Johnny Depp, who’s made the Jolly Roger crowd cool again with his wholly quirky Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It’s been a pirate’s life, or a good 14 years for Johnny Depp, who’s made the Jolly Roger crowd cool again with his wholly […] More

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