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    Tips on Rewriting Your Thesis as a Journal Article

    There is a significant difference between a journal article and a thesis, the latter being the parent document. Transforming your argument into a journal article is not the easiest of tasks. However, you do it quickly with proper guidance. The essential thing in writing a journal is to convert the thesis into a shorter and […] More

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    6 Platforms Where to Hire an Academic Ghost Writer in 2019

    Each New Year comes with new experiences with the need for strategies totackle each obstacle that comes along. Given the increased numbers ofonline workers in both academic and general content writing, thenumber of ghostwriters has risen significantly. Recent statistics indicate that an increased number of students continue to apply to higher learning to advance and […] More

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    10 Best Voice to Text Apps for Android and iOS

    Having the time to type out every conversation or meeting can be such a time consuming and tedious task. There is an app for almost everything out there and if it isn’t, you can be sure someone is working on it. We can say that there are some benefits to living in an era that […] More

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    How to Convert Scanned Handwriting to Text in Less Than 10 Minutes

    The world of technology has evolved to the extent of allowing individuals and their documents to have full control and command over their texts. All of these accomplishments come as a result of advancements in the technology of the world to achieve huh levels of utility. Internet products today included typing documents services aimed at […] More

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    The Weekly News Round Up for September 7

    Welcome again Nacho Readers to the end of another week and this week’s Round Up of interesting news found on the internet! It may be after Labor Day now but it is still hot as blazes outside for many of us! Keep cool and all you that are still in school, Keep it up and […] More

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    Google Destroys All Rumors About A Revision Of Its Crypto Ads Policy

    Google has been making it to quite a number of news outlets’ headlines either due to a noticeable change of policies or revision of an already existing and well-utilized service. The crypto industry is also observing an impact by Google’s recent moves. However, one particular announcement has caused a lot of stir. This particular announcement […] More

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    Major Cryptocurrencies See Small Gains As Market Valuation Rises

    Major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum rise almost 3 percent in the last 24-hour trading segment. The biggest reason is the gain in market valuation by $8 billion. Bitcoin’s price again attempted to break the $6,400 barrier but was stopped short yesterday. Today, the cryptocurrency again shows potential by rising to almost $6,400 […] More

  • Your Guide to A Spring Detox 1

    Your Guide to A Spring Detox

    If you want to do something great for your body this season, you have to try a spring detox. This means getting rid of all the toxins, feeling much better and healthier. You will notice that you’re more energetic, that you sleep better and you think clearly. During this time, the way you eat and […] More

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