• What Happened in Jim Carrey's Life

    You thought you’re having a tough time having to fight for your way to the top? Imagine having a dream of being an actor or a stand-up comedian, while battling dyslexia.   We all know our dear Jim Carrey, the actor who made us laugh in Dumb and Dumber and Mask, but who also made […] More

  • All The Benefits That Meditation Can Bring to Your Life

    We’ve all heard amazing things about meditation, but there are still those people who are very skeptic and are not completely convinced. The everyday life becomes more stressful every single day, so more people end up suffering from anxiety. That’s why there is the need for a coping mechanism or a fun hobby that will […] More

  • How might your career change over your lifetime?

    American workers probably will change jobs five to seven times during their lifetimes. Understanding and expecting career changes can help American workers to prepare emotionally and financially and to make better adjustments to such changes. One type of voluntary career change comes about because a worker is not happy with her career. If she chose […] More

  • How to Stay Motivated and Happy While Job Hunting

    Nobody ever looks back on a job hunt as the most transformative part of their life. Many people find it to be stressful and taxing. You’re responding to a lot leads, and answers may not come as quickly as you had anticipated. Believe it or not, you’re in a great position to better yourself. You […] More

  • balancing-social-life

    Must-Read Advice About Balancing Academics and Social Life

    Must-Read Advice About Balancing Academics and Social Life Not to mention the amount of pressure to perform well and to spend time with friends while we still can before we all go our separate ways or get buried with books all over again are how most students feel at the end of every year. All […] More

  • happy

    8 Health Hacks That Help You Calm Nerves

    Daily life lends itself to increasing amounts of stress and trying to juggle work, family, and a social life can leave you increasingly anxious. While it can feel like you need more hours in the day, or even a clone of yourself to get everything you need to done, the truth is that there are […] More

  • Looking to Change Careers? Here Are a Few Tips

    Do you feel like your current job is choking you and slowly draining the life out of you? You are not alone; 1.8 million Australian employees are seeking a new job. Dissatisfaction at the workplace can make one want to change their career. While it can open you up to a whole new world of […] More

  • SEO Is The Thing Of The Past Or Is It?

    You would have heard the cliché that old is gold, haven’t you? Well, this saying holds in most spheres of life because former is rare, old is a reminiscence of the lost glory (quite often) and old is classy if not sassy. No wonder, the antiques are auctioned at very high prices. However, when it […] More

  • How To Help Your Aging Parents Beat the Senior Loneliness

    Loneliness is a terrible thing, and elders, unfortunately, suffer from it quite often. They might have lost a partner or best friend, and it is not that easy for them to recover in their age. However, they are still lucky to have you, and you should be the one who helps them live a more […] More

  • Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Adopted

    Another proof that celebrities are just like us! The fact that someone is adopted should and will not prevent them from being successful. Living proof of that is Bill Clinton, who went and became a president of the United States. There are so many adopted celebrities you had no idea about. These are just a […] More

  • The Weekly News Round Up for January 11

    Hello Nacho Readers and welcome to another Weekly News Round Up of stories found on the internet. It is very much the dead of winter here with a bunch of snow just dumped on us here in Maine, but I don’t need to be outside to write up another week of News for all of […] More

  • 5 Best Sleeping Apps You’ll Want To Download

    These days everyone has problems with getting quality sleep. Thankfully, there are so many amazing sleeping apps these days that can help you in more than one ways. All of these phone apps are super-beneficial and it’s worth giving them a try. Sleep Cycle Meet the app of your dreams. If you have trouble sleeping […] More

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