Vagina Wigs are Here and I'm Not Sure How to Feel

New York Fashion Week has ended recently and we saw what the upcoming trends are and what we can ( or can not) expect from the fashion world the next season.

There were some amazing creations (some more than others), but one designer stood out from the others. This designer presented us with something no one expected and honestly, the reactions were priceless. 

Are you ready? Please welcome the glorious, the unique, the bushy…VAGINA WIGS! (Yaas!!)

Vagina wigs have made their debut thanks to Kaimin, a South Korean brand whose main goal is to celebrate diversity and tolerance on the catwalks. In his words, the inspiration behind the vagina wigs was futurism and confidence.

“We worked really hard on figuring out the best way to get them made and to have them looking as natural as possible and the results speak for themselves!”

“We wanted to push the futuristic punk aesthetic of this seasons’ collection and to have matching hair and merkins was a perfect idea.”

The main focal points of his debut runway show were the Mohawks (both of them) which were a way of enforcing the futuristic punk aesthetics. The vagina accessories were often shaped into the same (hair?) style as the models’ hairstyle to combine all the elements into one and “to bridge the gap between hard and soft”. 

Kaimin’s Spring/Summer collection includes extravagant fashion pieces made with bold colors and futuristic designs. Every piece of the collection was tailored for the models separately and the results were praise-worthy – they all looked absolutely fierce with their sharp make-up and high Mohawks. 

Some other pieces of the Spring/Summer collection included a few metallic-colored jackets and high-thigh boots, strong, neon-colored dresses and tight skirts revealing the bodies of the beautiful models. 

There were some split opinions on this new wig trend. Many looked in horror as the models proudly presented the fashion designs and tweeted things like “I want to get off this planet” and “What is wrong with this world” while others clapped Kaimin for embracing and promoting human sexuality and celebrating our differences.The rest (I think I belong in this category) were just bluntly confused….”Why are there vagina wigs at New York Fashion Week?” 

Although, if we’re being completely fair, vagina wigs aren’t a totally new thing. They are better known as munchkins and have been used previously and throughout history.They were originally worn by women in the 15th century against lice, crabs, and other venereal infections and are still used to this day as a prop in movies or as a sex toy in pornography. 

So, that means we were actually already familiar with vagina wigs. We just didn’t realize it. 

But still…VAGINA WIGS! Thank you, NYFW.


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