Tragic Ballpark Incident leads to end of 1968 Murder Story

Sometimes the news just isn’t happy

It is one of those news stories that just gets worse as you go along. It’s one that just has no real happy endings and you are just amazed that something like this can happen.

It takes place in a small burg here in Maine called Sanford. Not one of the biggest towns you will ever see, not even here in Maine. But one of the things Sanford actually does have is a baseball field, more than one actually. Lot’s of places have those, this one was in the middle of the local Park. Nothing of note would have happened until a 50 something-year-old woman DROVE her car onto the field and started tearing around the bases. All this while a youth Baseball game was taking place.

The front gate
The Sanford Ballpark

Yeah, it’s as bad as you would think it is.

Too say utter chaos happened is beyond an understatement. While this wasn’t a park jammed full of people, there were a lot of kids there and while the ones who were actually on the field ran for their lives, the ones in the stands were screaming and many of them will never be able to get that sight out of there heads for the rest of their lives.

And in the process, someone was killed.

The victim

Douglas Parkhurst, aged 68 was there and when this chaos broke out, and from what witnesses say, he was attempting to close the gate to the park when he was struck and ultimately killed. It was said that the woman was trying to flee and not get caught but that she was being stopped, in part by Parkhurst.

Not getting a name from me

The woman behind the wheel (who i am not going to name) of this was arrested. The game was being attended by a bunch of off-duty police officers and emergency medical personnel, so her being picked up was hopefully going to happen after doing something like this. She is being charged with Manslaughter and also being under the influence.

But here is the part of the story that no one had seen coming. In the days since this nightmare occurred, it turns out that Parkhurst had confessed to something HE may have done back in 1968.

Carolee and a murder finally solved

It seems the story had broke that the Vietnam war Vet and grandfather had confessed 5 years ago that he had struck and killed a young Carolee Ashby in a hit and run collision on Halloween Night of 1968.

Laid to rest

The case of Carolee had been reopened in 2013 after investigators in New York were looking into the unsolved murder. Parkhurst had actually been a suspect in the girl’s murder with an examination of his then Buick at the time showing the damage, but police never followed up on it. When the case was reexamined, he confessed in a four-page report.

So why was he never brought in for anything?

The stature of limitations. The crime was over 40 years old and I guess something like that has its own limitations. He had left New York anyway and was living in Maine after his identity and the confession were revealed. He still confessed to hitting the girl, while drunk, and apologized for it.

That isn’t going to being Carolee back, nor will it absolve him of taking her.

But I’m not the one who can really make that call either. It can be called cruel irony, payback, or him doing what he felt he had to do. But now he is gone too. The one who took him is sitting in jail somewhere and hopefully, she WILL face some repercussion for getting smashed and driving onto an active Baseball game. His death is bringing about a manslaughter charge in the incident, and I’m sure more will be coming.

So, I’m not sure this story has any true heroes from this point of view. The other police, emergency personnel, and everyone else who made sure this did not turn out and I thank them for all they did during the whole thing.

But this, I guess you can make up your own mind. No court date has been set, but more is to come whether we want it to or not


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