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It’s Friday once again here on The Nacho! You know what the means? It’s time to look at some of the news stories from around the internet with the Weekly Round Up of news.


Grenade found in Portsmouth city park

PORTSMOUTH (WGME) – Police in Portsmouth, New Hampshire have given the all clear after a grenade washed up in a city park.The excitement started around 4 p.m. Tuesday, when a group of picnickers found the grenade on Four Tree Island and called police.The p

For once I am grateful to say we are NOT starting things off with a bang!.WGME has a local story caught my attention as a GRENADE washed up on an Island Beach! Things were taken care of without a problem but Holy Crap!

Maine man robbed after inviting woman he met online to home, 5 arrested

KNOX (WGME) — A man was robbed after inviting a woman he met on Facebook to his home.Waldo County sheriff’s deputies say the incident happened Monday night in Knox.When the woman arrived at the house, she was joined by two other women and two other men.In

Another local story from WGME has this one from Knox Maine. A guy meets a girl online and invites her to his house. She shows up with 4 other people and ROB him! Be careful who you talk to on the internet folks!

Conor McGregor Strikes Plea Deal, Felony Dropped, Gets Anger Management

Conor McGregor Strikes Plea Deal Felony Dropped, Gets Anger Management We told you it was gonna happen … and now it did — prosecutors just dropped the felony against Conor McGregor and he will not spend 1 second in jail.

TMZ has the story of MMA fighter Conor McGregor striking a plea deal. A little while back he threw a tantrum and probably ruined his career when he took part in an attack on the UFC bus. I remember hearing of the damage and injuries he helped cause. He didn’t do himself any favors with this one.


Wildfires raging in Greece kill dozens

Blazes tore through vacation resorts near Greece’s capital during the country’s deadliest fire season in more than a decade. – Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters – Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters – Alexandros Vlachos / EPA – Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters

NBC News has a look at the horrid wildfires that are going on in the country of Greece right now. Those are terrible anywhere you are so here’s hoping that can get contained and they can recover what they can from that.


Facebook’s new office won’t have free meals – by law

SAN FRANCISCO – For most tech employees, there is such a thing as a free lunch, but those days could be coming to an end. When Facebook opens a new office in Mountain View, California, this fall, the company will be prohibited by law from offering its employees the free, chef-cooked meals they currently enjoy at the Menlo Park headquarters eight miles away.

NBC News also has a look at Facebook and a small problem with their new office they are opening up in California this fall. I’m at the other end of the country and would probably work at a place like that, but guess it’s not easy working there! No free lunches for them!

Nat Geo hires Jeff Goldblum to walk around, being professionally fascinated by things

Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.

AVClub has probably the best headline I have ever read. “Nat Geo hires Jeff Goldblum to walk around, being professionally fascinated by things”. It ‘s simple. States its point. And readers are drawn into this story. There is a hook if I’ve ever read one!


Ryan Reynolds is making a weed-based Home Alone parody called Stoned Alone, and he must be stopped

Look, Ryan Reynolds: You’re very charming. You star in fun superhero movies, and you and your wife are very cute together, and you make fun of your bombs, and we like you, okay? But there are lines, and you can’t go crossing them all willy-nilly just because it sounded like a fun idea at the time.

AVClub also has a story about Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is now producing a Home Alone parody called Stoned Alone. I agree with the writer of this article a bit. It doesn’t get high hopes (Pardon the pun) out of me. But, different strokes for Different Folks I guess. It may have some funny bits in it. Gotta keep an open mind!


Japan executes six Aum Shinrikyo cultists, bringing hanging total to 13 this month

Number of executions now equals that of Tokyo subway gas attack deaths. Japan’s Ministry of Justice has announced that on the morning of July 26 six members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult, the organization behind the 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attack, were executed. As is customary in Japan, the method of execution was hanging.

Soranews24 has been following the story in Japan that many of the members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult are being executed. They were responsible for that horrific 1995 attack on the subway using deadly Serin nerve gas I remember the news of the attack and what happened. It is weird seeing that story come to an end, even like this.


McDonald’s officially reprimanded by Japanese government for misleading “roast beef” ads

The meat in the 4.9-million Tokyo Roast Beef Burgers and Muffins McDonald’s sold wasn’t quite what people were expecting from their commercials. Between tempting treats like the Calpis McShake and Pikachu McFlurry, plus genuine generosity such as home-delivering smiles and handing out free iced coffee, sometimes McDonald’s Japan can seem too good to be true.

Soranews 24 thankfully hs something much more light-hearted in a story about how McDonald’s in Japan is being reprimanded over their Roast Beef offerings from last year. Seems the Roast Beef that they were eating was lesser cuts of beef Heat Fused together! Calling out a McDonalds for false advertising could be a dangerous thing. That could keep up for a while!


No Teen Lifeguard On Duty: Summer Jobs Are No Longer An Attraction

Pedraam Faridjoo of Kensington, Md., is spending his summer volunteering and traveling. Ryan Abshire from Carmel, Ind., is using the time to be with his family. Meme Etheridge of St. Simons Island, Ga., is attending a music camp where she plays percussion. What do they all have in common?

NPR has a story on the decline of the Summer Job. Once the Summer Job was the cool thing to do and get to earn your own money, but like many other things, new ideas and ways of thinking are coming up. In my retail days, There were a number of Summer job employees and most of them were decent people. If they can find better ways to get by that works for them, I’m all for it!


The Real Reason Your Wait at the Vet’s Office is So Long

I recently read a Huff Post article entitled “The Real Reason Your Wait at the Doctor’s Office is So Long.” Veterinary Medicine and Human medicine vary in a lot of very meaningful ways, but we are also often the same. And in this we share a common weakness-we sometimes run behind schedule.

drandyroark has a reply to a Huffington Post Article about why there is such a delay when dealing with the Vet. This story is actually penned by a Veterinarian themselves, so I kinda think their words mean something on the subject


Hissy Kitten Rescued From Bottom Of Damaged Fire Hydrant Well; Soaking Wet But Safe!

A young ginger tabby was extremely lucky to be discovered after it became trapped, 5 feet down at the bottom of a fire hydrant well! With 24,000 hydrants in Louisville, KY, two water company employees showed up to service a damaged hydrant on Tuesday, expecting nothing out of the norm.

Cole and Marmalade have a happy story about a little Kitty who was rescued from a Fire hydrant. Don’t know how he got in there but glad he was pulled out okay. Hopefully, he was dried off and has a better life waiting for him.


That wraps it up here for a Friday Round up. Remeber to keep your Eyes open and to keep reading!

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