Making a kitchen knife out of WHAT?!?

THAT takes a lot of skill and creativity

There is a lot to be said for being able to craft something. Making something yourself takes some skill, talent, time, and practice. No matter what it is you can use your skill and talent to craft something amazing. There is also respect to be given if you can make something starting from out of the norm. That kind of skill also carries a lot of creativity and artistry. That kind of creativity to see something and be able to make it into something else completely different is a level of creative thinking I admire and in this world, a skill like that can take you a long way.

So it amazes me when I discover videos of someone on Youtube that can make their own kitchen knives! The kind of knife to chop vegetables and other food items. That is the kind of video that Kiwami Japan releases on their Youtube channel. They \ have a lot of videos of various things to enjoy when you have the time. The videos that get my attention are the ones where they show how they make a sharp and functional kitchen knife from all kinds of materials. Ones that are not known for being knife materials, or even sharp enough to cut anything with.

The videos start usually with the most unorthodox of materials. Things like Potatoes, Boxer shorts, Jello, Wood, Things you would not normally thing off as prime cutting materials to start with. Then comes the task of taking these things and turning them into a hard enough material to make anything out of. There are all kinds of techniques used to get there and whatever is being used tends to dictate how to firm it up.

The next step is getting the shape, and like the last step, the material tends to dictate how the “blade” is shaped and formed into the shape of a kitchen knife. Sometimes it can be easy, sometimes not so much, but it is shown how they got there. Everything is laid out on how they did it and got to the next point. What then follows is a step the I find interesting and that is creating the actual sharp blade edge. Again, they step you through it, but it looks to be an involved process with cutting and grinding the would-be blade using sandpaper and whetstones (along with a fast-forward button). Not an easy process I’m sure. Having that skill gets my respect.

To wrap things up is also an important part. They show the new blade in action. They cut some slices from paper, then will start chopping vegetables with it and showing that while it is impressive in making the knife from whatever, these creations can actually cut. Just making the thing is cool enough, but they go the extra mile and show that these creations have functionality too.What you don’t see but I have a lot of respect for, as I mentioned earlier, is the ability to look at these materials, Rice, Chocolate, Cardboard, and the like and think of a way to turn that into a workable knife. On top of that, they step you through the process and make these videos to watch them doing something awesome.

So besides just being a really cool way to kill some time watching these transformations and the work put into making these, it also can show you that there is respect to be had for thinking outside the box. If you believe in your ability to do something, even if it outside the norm, Do it anyway! It is what makes you unique! No matter what it may be, don’t be afraid to do things differently and do you!


At the very least you may get a cool Youtube channel out of it.

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