Girl, 16, Kills Uber Driver With Stolen Knife

I hear the question all of the time. Is it safe to use Uber? Many people automatically think about safety for the passenger being picked up by a stranger. But what about safety for the driver? This story from Memorial Day weekend will change the way you think.

A 16-year-old girl in suburban Chicago shoplifted a knife and machete, hailed an Uber, and then began hacking the driver from behind, prosecutors said. When she got in the car, she began stabbing the driver with a shoplifted machete and knife.


The driver was identified as Grant Nelson, a 34-year-old resident of Wilmette, Illinois. He had been working for Uber since February 2016, and was highly ranked and well-regarded by his riders, according to a company spokesperson. He died of his wounds hours later, but was first able to give police a description of his attacker.

The teen girl, identified as Eliza Wasni, has been charged as an adult.

The prosecutor says Nelson managed to stop his car after being attacked and run into a condominium building lobby where he sought help. Then Wasni drove off in Nelson’s car, struck a median and then ran off. She was apprehended moments later after removing a bloody shirt.


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