Travel with your eyes with these 6 Streaming Webcams!

Take a trip without going anywhere

Travel is one of those things suggested to you. See new things and go new places. Get yourself out of the norm. As you live your life, someone will either suggest it or experience it for themselves and tell you about it. Not that travel is a bad thing. It is a cool thing to experience. And for some, the thought of that experience can be a powerful motivator.


Reality isn’t always that kind.

Be it for whatever reason but for most of us, getting up and going somewhere new isn’t always a practical thing we can do at any moment. Jobs, School, Money, there a lot of things that get in the way of just going to some far away place and take in the sights of something different.

Technology can be your friend in this case and you can actually see things right NOW. And outside the cost of a good internet connection, you can still see things right from where you are now. Internet video can be a good thing as you can experience a little part of the world, no matter which corner it comes from, right from your own viewing space. So here are a few of the places you can “visit” even if life keeps you anchored down for a while. So here are six streaming webcams that will get you to places without actually leaving.


Shibuya, Japan

It can be bizarre to think that anyone would want to watch a traffic crossing in Tokyo, but not only do you see for yourself the goings on in a corner of the world, you can check out both the traffic and cars, as well as the pedestrians crossing one of Tokyo’s busiest intersections. It’s not a normal vacation spot, but it is a part of life and there for you to watch. it even gives you time and date to keep track of the Whens and the difference from wherever you are.


Brooks Falls, Alaska

About as far away from the city you can get is this Live camera from Katmai National Park in the state of Alaska. If you are into some nature in your life you can watch the bears milling around the water and the leaping of the fish the bears are probably going after. There is even sound of the rushing water so it gives you that bit of extra you normally do not get.


Kenya, Africa

The same folks who provide the camera in Alaska also have one set up for a watering hole in Kenya. You can watch and listen to the natural wildlife in Africa as they stop to get a drink and maybe a dip to cool off. It takes you to that part of the world the Travel Channel or the pictures in magazines can’t take you. It provides for some nature and serenity with a camera to watch.


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

A trip to the beach is needed for a lot of people, and if you are stuck and not able to go, this is a live camera showing a beach in Hawaii. You get the clear ocean water, the palm trees, and even some of the beachgoers of one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world. If you ever wanted to go to Hawaii but didn’t have the funds to get there, watch a little bit of the sun and surf right from wherever you are!



If you want your view to move a little faster here is a camera in the view of the Train Conductor from Norway. It still provides a wonderful view and still is able to take you from wherever you are, even if it’s from a moving train. No boarding passes needed here!



The wonders of live streaming video as NASA has a channel from a camera aboard the International Space Station. It is a view that most people just do not get to see and even fewer will ever get to actually experience. NASA provides some amazing looks and angles in their feed, but if you ever wanted a literal out of this world camera view, there ya go!


Even if you physically can’t go anywhere there is a live cam that can take you to just about any part of the world. Give your mind a vacation if you can and find a streaming camera to take you there. And in just this article, you have gone to many places and seen many corners of the world and even out of it.


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