The Greatest Company Rivalries of Today

Every day, while doing your normal daily routine, you constantly make choices between brands whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Do you go to McDonald’s or Burger King? What do you order in a restaurant? Pepsi or Cola?

In the battle for first place, companies often clash with each other. And not rarely does it happen that these clashes become long-time rivalries, lasting for 10, 50, even for 100 years.

Here are some of the company biggest rivalries of today:


This rivalry transcends culture, distance and time. It has split restaurants, stores, even nations.  This rivalry began as far as a century ago, around the 1890s and it lasts even until today. Originally, Coca-Cola was introduced to the market in 1886 by John S. Pemberton, and Pepsi was brought in 13 years later by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. Although it failed for bankruptcy a few times due to war conditions, Pepsi made its comeback and introduced the canned drinks we use till this day as well as diet drinks that are still a major hit. Although Coca-Cola held the lead in the drinks market, the total market share wasn’t so far apart from Pepsi’s, because Pepsi had many products (mainly snacks) behind its brand – Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, Cracker Jack, 7up, Freetos and many more we are very well known with.

For now, Coca-Cola has the upper hand in this century-long drinks war, but Pepsi steadily is catching up by using many celebrities as their representatives along with up-to-date marketing strategies.


Oh, the biggest fight on the Internet…Going back-and-forth with modern technology and upgrades, they have brought us many of our favorite gadgets. This rivalry has split the mobile technology market many users and caused many heated arguments over the internet on who has the better devices. The major fight though has always been over the mobile technology and getting the bigger market presence.

Many would consider Apple to be the winner here. Which one have you chosen?


It all began a few years ago, when the creators of Snapchat refused to sell the company to Facebook, saying that “it’s not an interesting offer”. Facebook tried launching a Poke app back in 2012, but it didn’t quite get the attention Snapchat did, and it was removed a few years after.Although Facebook has more users currently, it lacks the creativity Snapchat has since the latest updates featuring stories with filters on the Messenger app are just a pale copy of the original idea of Snapchat and its filters.

On the other hand, while it’s growing in numbers every day, Snapchat has yet to achieve Facebook’s level of success. And with the last Rihanna scandal, getting back on track will surely take them some time.


Who hasn’t read comics during their childhood? We all have our favorite superhero whose story we follow passionately. And every superhero has a rival. Not just in the comics presented as the villain, but as another superhero in the rivaling company too. While battling it out in the comics market previously, the biggest war today is in the movie industry. There rarely is a person that hasn’t seen at least one superhero movie and the quality of the movies and special effects is getting mind-blowing.The most recent hit is the “Black Panther” brought Marvel back on top in this race, but the two have been constantly fighting back-and-forth for the top spot and it seems like there’s not a clear winner still.

I’m pretty sure you already have a favorite in each of the previous competitors. It doesn’t only define your taste, but it also defines you as a person. And when you are met with the choice between these companies, who do you choose?


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