Solving one of those Mental Mysteries

Sometimes the answer just appears

Memories are a big part of life. Mental Mysteries from memories can linger even more. Those little things in life that we just can’t explain or find the all the answers to. Either we are too young, too distracted, or any number of reasons that make us all go “I don’t know the details but…” or “I don’t know what happened but…”

Mental Mysteries

And one of those mental mysteries dogged at me and got solved without even trying.

It’s not the most important thing to have happened. Thankfully it is not a matter of life and death. Hopefully, you don’t face too many of those in your lifetime, let alone think about things like that for decades after the fact. These kind of things are the kind that forms stories of your life. They are meant to be told and written about, not to mull or get depressed over.

As a kid, I spent some time playing video games. Not the stuff today like a Steam internet Stream or an XBox or PlayStation. We were light years before any of that would come around. This was even before I owned the original Nintendo Entertainment System. If you are going to something before 8-bits, then we are going back in time a bit.


It was the first video games I got to play. I knew it was “an Atari” but I never knew the details. I was a young kid at the time and my family wasn’t the most technically gifted to figure that out. Plus, even if I wanted to, finding out about video games in the middle of Maine was not something you could just readily do.

But for decades of my life I remember, both at my grandmother’s house and then the one I lived it, playing the hell out of this old Atari game where there were a lot of vibrant colors and you were a helicopter shooting at trucks and cars and stuff. I had other games for that system that I DO remember, like Combat and Dragster. But the memories of sitting down piloting a chopper were missing the details of “what” and “who”. I didn’t even like Dragster. But that is beside the point.

Hated this game

Fast forward in time to recent times. I see a listing on Youtube and a picture of an old Atari that looks just like the one I had. The black and the wood grain gave it away. I actually never knew what version of the Atari I had. But this video showed me that answer.  I played on an Atari 2600. It had belonged to my uncle. In the videos look they went over some of the games on the system and there it was, the image of the game I had remembered.

Atari 2600

I am no Atari expert. I wouldn’t have figured any of this out just out of memory. Not only did I know that the machine I played on was the Atari 2600 but the game I remember playing and enjoying as a kid was Chopper Comand.

Chopper Comand

With that little bit of information now in my head, I am able to look up more Youtube videos of the game, and find more information on it and the system I plaid it on. This mystery system that I got second hand from my uncle has a lot of story to tell.

Nowadays, my grandmother is no longer with us. She was put to her final rest after a long and wonderful life. The place that she used to call home that I visited is now lived in by one of my cousins. And the machine I would spend my off hours playing is long gone. It stepped out of the way when I got the NES system with a Power Pad in Christmas of 1988.

The Power Pad

But that question no long lingers as a faded memory of days gone by. Found by accident off a random video on Youtube. Memories may not always be the most accurate. The human mind works that way, but that doesn’t stop you from learning and finding things out. These little mysteries can fester and linger in your mind for decades, but with a little research and looking into little things, you can solve these mysteries and learn.

And That is the key to the answers to the mental mysteries of life. Learning.


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