New York Lottery Winners go Incognito After Win

It’s a secret!

New York state recently held their biggest lottery in its history with a Mega Millions lottery that was worth $176 million dollars. The winners were a group of  23 co-workers from Long Island. And that is all we know about them. That is just how they want it.

The winning ticket for all that money was purchased on New Year’s day from a Brookville Auto Service center. They have now come forward and have claimed their winnings.

The jackpot is said to be the biggest ever awarded in New York State. The lump sum is $176 million but split around to the 23 new millionares, it means each person gets nearly $8 million bucks to take home. I’d say that is a nice chunk of change!

Dolla Dolla Bills!

The group have gone ahead and formed a limited liability corporation. With state lottery rules, it means that the individual members of the group do not actually have the identify themselves or give out any information. Often times lottery winners and hounded by the press and their identities are given away whether the winners want to be known or not. Once the information is known, many winners are hounded by people wanting a cut of the newfound money or media outlets wanting to get interviews and other such coverage. Very often that kind of attention can get to the winners who often times just want to be left alone with their newfound riches.

It is not said where exactly the winners even work but that they plan to keep their jobs despite being 8 million dollars richer. The group is said to be close and are like family. Let’s hope it stays that way as that kind of money can get between people and do funny things in someone’s mind.

A press event for other lotery winners

Lottery winners sometimes go to more extremes to protect their identities. Some states will require press events to announce the winners along with making their names and even their contact information public. Not something everyone wants the public to know. Winners have gone to lengths to protect their identities in different ways. Some winners have attended these events where masks such as a recent winner who claimed their money while wearing a Ghostface mask from the movie Scream. He was only identified as “A. Campbell” and walked away with $1.1 million.

Whatever you gotta do!

No such press event was held for the 23 co-winners in New York so no one wearing a scream mask claimed a big giant check. It is unknown if any of the 23 winners will be known as time goes by or not. Those of us who aren’t part of the 23 winners probably do not need to know anyway.

Meanwhile, the winners can sit back and relax with their $8 million shares of the big jackpot. They say they all want to keep their job but with 8 million bucks in my bank account, I would’t be so worried about getting a raise either.

MEGA Millions!

The Mega Millions Jackpot is offered in 44 states, The District of Columbia, and even the Virgin Islands so the bigger money jackpots usually have a lot of people looking for the same winnings. The winners are announced and what they are required to do is up to local state lottery boards. A winner in one state may be left alone while a winner in another state may have to make a public appearance. Scream masks are up to the winners themselves.


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