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Hello, again readers. It’s the end of a heck of a week so I have a bunch of links and news stories for you to check over.


Police Release Official Report About Shinsuke Nakamura’s Dog Bite | 411MANIA

As we previously reported, Shinsuke Nakamura was pulled from this past Tuesday’s Smackdown Live because he was bitten by a police dog. He had been scheduled to face Jeff Hardy for the US title. Now Cageside Seats reports that the Bakersfield Police Department has released an official report of the incident.

411mania has a report that is bonkers even by wrestling standards. Last Tuesday they were to present an advertised match on their show that had to be canceled because one of the Wrestlers got bit BIT BY A POLICE DOG. 30 years as a wrestling fan and that ranks right up there as for why a match that was advertised did not take place.


Party City to open Toy City stores in wake of Toys R Us’ demise

Party City said Monday it will open about 50 Toy City pop-up stores this year as Toys R Us finishes closing its last stores this week following its September bankruptcy. Party City said it will roll out the temporary locations alongside its Halloween City pop-up shops in “optimal” markets where it found “attractive leasing opportunities.”

With Toys R Us officially closing down today, there are stories making the rounds of what will take its place. Discount party Suppliers Party City have tossed their hats into the ring. Here is a look at how they plan to open up about 50 Toy City stores to help fill to void for the rest of the year. Party City isn’t exactly known for being high end, and it sounds like they are interested in cashing in cheap for the holiday season, but they are gonna try it.


Toys R Us ex-CEO is trying to reboot the company, sources say

Jerry Storch, a former chief executive of Toys R Us, has been working with multiple investors on a plan to reboot the defunct toy retailer in the United States, according to people familiar with the situation. Any comeback is considered to face long odds.

Another story has it that TRU might not be down for the count after all. A report is also coming in that the former CEO of the company, Jerry Storch. Is actually looking to reboot the whole thing and start over. Things aren’t looking good for TRU coming back to the way it actually was, or how many people saw it back in the day, but good like for that group!


Vinnie Paul, Pantera drummer and co-founder, dies at 54

Vinnie Paul, drummer and founding member of the metal band Pantera, has died, the band announced on Facebook.

CNN takes a look at Rock drummer Vinnie Paul. The world said goodbye to the former drummer of Pantera this week. I remember the countless interviews that Vinnie did over his former band and the death of his brother “Dimebag” Darrell years ago. It’s sad he left us, but he left plenty of music behind to remember him by,


‘Pawn Stars’ Richard Harrison, known as ‘The Old Man,’ has died at 77

CLOSE Richard Harrison, who was referred to “The Old Man” on the television series “Pawn Stars,” has died. Harrison’s son and co-star for the History channel series, Rick Harrison, made the announcement to more than 245,000 Instagram followers on Monday, attributing his father’s death to Parkinson’s.

USA Today also has a report on the death of Richard “The Old Man” Harrison, the father from the History channel “reality” show Pawn Stars. I’m actually not a huge fan of the show as there has been a lot of talk about how “real” the show actually is, but it made its mark and seeing one of the cast members pass away is a sad event. It is said he did not pass away as a pauper by any means so hopefully, he was able to leave us without any worries.


Joe Jackson, patriarch of Jackson family, dies at 89

CLOSE Joe Jackson, the man who fathered Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and deployed an iron will to turn his supremely gifted children into a culture-shifting music powerhouse, died early Wednesday in Las Vegas. He was 89. Tweets from his daughter and his grandsons confirmed his death.

USA Today also has a report on the death of Joe Jackson. The father to the Jackson family that brought us Michael and Janet and a load of brothers and sisters passed away after a bout with terminal Cancer. I certainly wouldn’t condone the way he went about raising all the kids but most of them turned out to do well for themselves later in life and many of them still loved him regardless of what he may have done (or not done).


Fully automated Chinese restaurant is the eatery of the future, threatens world’s restaurant jobs

Robots are not just a vision of the future; they are already among us. With robot battles becoming an actual thing that people do and high-tech, realistic androids occasionally popping up in the news, we might be quickly approaching a time when technology starts becoming smarter than we want it to be.

Soranews 24 has an article on a fully automated Chinese restaurant in Japan. We here in the states read news about a machine made hamburger, and over there they have automatic Chinese places. I would say that wouldn’t fly here in the states, but people would pay for it and probably keep it in business for a while.


Bethesda sues Warner Bros, calls its Westworld game ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter

Bethesda Softworks is suing Warner Bros. and Fallout Shelter co-developer Behaviour Interactive over the recently released Westworld, alleging that the mobile game based on HBO’s TV series is a “blatant rip-off” of Fallout Shelter. In a suit filed in a Maryland U.S.

Here is a story that Bethesda, the makers of the Fallout games, is suing Warner Brothers because they feel that the Westworld Themed game that Warner brothers released is a rip off of Fallout Shelter. A video game lawsuit over something being a rip-off?  It’s not exactly an industry built on innovation or invention. Wonder how this will end up?


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – FIFA.com

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

And trying to end this week on a better note, FIFA’s World Cup tournament is still going on. We are getting to the point where countries are qualifying out of the group stage and into the elimination rounds. In other words, it’s gonna start being nail-biting time here soon enough. Hope your favorites are going on!


And that just about does it for the week. Lots going on in the world, so remember to keep your eyes open and keep reading!


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