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Hello Again Readers. It’s Friday so it means another weekly roundup of stories from around the web. With the summer coming up TV Networks and making public there intentions for the oncoming fall and the programming year ahead. We already covered some ideas for the future. I’m sure there is more to be announced.

The FOX Network also laid down what is rumored to be around a Billion Dollars for WWE Wrestling’s B show, Smackdown! Forbes and Deadline are reporting what many fans already knew. As a wrestling fan, I can say this has been rumored for a while as the WWE likes to tout that its TV Contracts are worth a lot of money. The problem is that WWE likes to tell people things to make themselves look good. Smackdown has been on UPN, The CW, MyNetwork TV, Sci-fi Channel, and the USA Network since it’s inception in 1999 and it has NEVER been looked at as an “A” Show. Not by fans and certainly not by the WWE. So, Have fun!

The UFC is also making a big deal of its own. The Observer is reporting that the Ultimate Fighting kings have made a deal with ESPN starting in January 2019 that covers 30 events for ESPN TV and PPV events along with 12 events of early preliminary matches for ESPN as well. Word is that the new deal lasts for 5 years and is worth $1.5 BILLION. There seems to be a lot of money in the mat game racket no matter how it’s presented.

In more wrestling news, this time from across the ocean, New Japan Pro Wrestling and its parent company are announcing that they will have a new President!  Harold George Meij was announced as the new Director and CEO of Japan’s biggest wrestling company as well as being the new Director of Bushiroad, Their Parent Company. Mr. Meij’s track record lists him as a former worker for Heineken Japan and Unilever and an executive for Coca-Cola Japan as well as Sunstar. He was the former CEO of Takara Tomy as well. Seems like he could be a very interesting person for us wrestling fans in the future.

In further TV news, Hollywood Reporter is writing about ABC  announcing the ending of The Chew, The morning show that was originally a knockoff of The View featured mostly TV chefs making food but in a morning show format. The show often featured Food Network names like Mario Batali and Michael Simon along with C level Celebrities talking about food and news stuff. Not my cup of tea. ABC announced they are expanding their established morning show, Good Morning America for another hour instead.

The NFL announced they are making protesting the National anthem an offense they can fine you for. The Football league has announced that Players on the Feild must STAND for the National Anthem or they will be fined. If one does not wish to stand, they can stay in the locker room for the anthem. Don’t think the NFL is getting the point of what is going on at all, but would that surprise anyone? Vince’s XFL return isn’t going to make much of a dent so the NFL is on their own with this one.

AWAY from TV, CNN is still reporting on the Volcanic eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sadly this isn’t much of a surprise either. They are also reporting of a man who was actually hit by a flaming Lava Rock. Good Lord that should not happen!

Cereal Giant Kellogg’s is announcing a new Froot Loops flavor for the first time in 10 years! Since Breakfast Cereals took a major hit in popularity in the last number of years, you gotta do something before the idea fades into obscurity. I remember when Froot Loops only had 3 flavors and a bunch of commercials on TV, but times have changed!

And in Presidential News making the rounds, it was ruled by a Judge that American President Donald Trump can NOT block users on Twitter who are “critical” of anything he does. I can say a whole lot about that but this isn’t the place and you aren’t reading this for political views.

Thanks for reading once again  Big week for Television but there is still plenty more going on in the world. Keep Informed and Keep Reading!


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