The Weekly News Round Up for October 5

It’s Friday! Let’s have some news!

October is here Nacho Readers!  What better way to ring in the creepiest month of the year than with a Round Up of interesting news found around the internet? So join me in a look at what is going on in the world!


Is this the first moon found outside our solar system?

For the first time, astronomers have discovered what could be an exomoon, a moon outside our solar system. The exomoon was found around the gas giant exoplanet Kepler-1625b, which orbits a star 8,000 light-years from Earth.

CNN has a look at the discovery of a Moon outside of our solar system. Natural Moons orbiting planets outside of our solar system are not very common as they are much harder to find due to there size and that they are orbiting bigger and usually much more colorful planets. This Moon is said to be the size of Neptune and about 8,000 Light Years from the Planet Earth. I wonder what we will end up calling it?


Nintendo is reportedly planning to release a new Switch next year

Nintendo is planning to release a new version of the Nintendo Switch in the second half of next year, The Wall Street Journal reports. The Nintendo Switch hit the shelves in March 2017, and while it has sold just under 20 million units, momentum has slowed.

Business Insider reports that video game makers Nintendo are planning on releasing a follow up to their Switch console. The sequel to the Switch, that was launched in 2017, isn’t expected the feature some of the OLED tech that is currently being used in many Apple Products or regular TV sets. The New console is expected the be released sometime in the second half of 2019.


China planted spy chips in computers from Portland-based Elemental, Bloomberg reports

Computers made for Portland startup Elemental Technologies contained a tiny, mysterious “stealth” chip which had been planted during production overseas to help China spy on American companies and intelligence agencies, according to a 5,000-word investigation on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

The Oregonian has a report that computers made at Portland Oregon based startup, Elemental, have “Stealth Chips” from China inserted in them. It is reported the chips were first detected by Amazon when they tried to buy the company in 2015. It is said the chips are inserted into the computers in the assembly phase in California. The alleged goal of this was to spy on Businesses here in the States.


Kate Bush Reissuing Entire Catalog on Vinyl

18-LP set includes Hounds of Love, The Kick Inside, Aerial, and many more

In some musical news, Pitchfork is reporting that Kate Bush will be reissuing her entire back catalog in both CD and Vinal. Although there are some diehards the listen to Vinal records, the format largely fell out of use in the 90’s with CDs arriving on the scene. They are still used mostly with DJs are scratch artists now.  The longtime artist and producer’s first batch of her catalog will be released on November 16 with the second part of the catalog being release on November 30th.


The Woman Behind Buddy Holly’s Classic Song ‘Peggy Sue’ Has Died

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Peggy Sue Gerron, whose name has echoed in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll history for six decades as the crush in the Buddy Holly classic song “Peggy Sue,” has died at the age of 78 in Lubbock, Texas, where she and Holly went to high school, officials said.

In more from the music world, the Huffington Post reports on the passing of  Peggy Sue Gerron at the age of 78. Peggy Sue is better known as the inspiration to Buddy Holly’s most famous song, Peggy Sue, that was released in 1957. Gerron and Holly first met in High Scool in Lubbock Texas. The original song was brought about because of the break up with Holly’s drummer at the time. It inspired a second song called “Peggy Sue Got Married” that itself inspired a 1986 movie. Holly famously died in a 1959 plane crash between concert performances that also killed famed rocker Richie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson in a crash known as “The Day the Music Died”.


John Rambo is either a cowboy or a Republican politician now

In August, we reported that Sylvester Stallone was trying to drum up some hype for a new Rambo movie, the existence of which had never actually been confirmed, leading us to believe that it may have just been wishful-thinking on his part.

The AV Club has a story on the ever going rumors of a new Rambo movie being worked on. Sylvester Stallone’s character comes from the 1982 movie First Blood, that was based off a 1972 book of the same name. The last Rambo movie was released in 2008 with “Rambo”. It is heavily rumored that this movie has Rambo going to Mexico to save his daughter from a drug cartel. Stallone has posted picture hinting that the Vietnam War Veteran would be a cowboy in the newest film. Remember when the big rumor was that Rambo was going to the Middle East to fight the Taliban? We will see where the project ends up going.


Japanese hospital threatens to stab owners of illegally parked cars with needles

The parking lot is for people seeking medical treatment, and this hospital says it’s willing to give you a shot whether you need one or not. In Japan, people generally try to avoid direct confrontations.

SoraNews 24 has a story on Seibu General Hospital in Saitama City dealing with a problem of illegally parked cars by visitors. They are fighting the problem by posting a sign that illegal parking will be met is a 10,000 yen fine or given an injection! That is a heck of a punishment, a hefty parking fine (around $90 in American dollars) or an injection of something that isn’t being stated. This sounds like a set up to a scary movie!


And with that word of warning to watch where you park of you could be injected with something, we end this week’s Round Up of the News on the Nacho. Remember as you go through life to keep your eyes open and keep Reading!


Or else you may get an injection!


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