The Weekly News Round Up for November 9

Facebook’s journey into retail stores, New Netflix ideas, and an Emu and a Donkey become friends!

Hello Nacho Readers and welcome to another Round up of odd news found on the internet. It is November 9th, so besides making it through Halloween and Midterm elections (for us Americans anyway) we are back and here again! *looks for the open bag of Kitkats*


Colorado voters put end to slavery

Colorado voters may approve an amendment to their state’s Constitution that would abolish all forms of slavery. A similar amendment was narrowly defeated two years ago.

CNN has a story about how the state abolished slavery once and for all with a vote. Colorado’s state constitution actually left a loophole saying that slavery and servitude in the state were allowed if it was a punishment for a crime. Voters helped fix that issue. Slavery in all forms is now illegal in the state. Glad they fixed that!


Ryanair fires staff for allegedly faking photo of sleeping on airport floor – CNN Video

Ryanair says it has sacked six employees for allegedly staging a photo of themselves sleeping on the floor at Malaga Airport in Spain in October.

CNN also has the story of a Ryanair flight clew being fired over a photo they took in the airport. There was an issue and it was going to have the flight staying most of the night, so the crew thought it was a good idea to pose for a picture of them pretending the sleep on the airport floor. The photo was posted and went viral. Ryanair didn’t seem to please with that!


Soranews 24 has the story of a video showing a poor guy just trying to walk to work and he gets attacked by a wild boar! Poor guy is knocked right off his feet and onto the pavement. He seems to be okay but THERE is a story to tell your boss when you punch that clock a little late!


Coming soon to a mall near you…a Facebook store

Facebook is wading into the brick and mortar retail world, with shops that will spotlight small businesses using Facebook and Instagram to grow sales.

NBC News has the story that social media website Facebook is now branching into retail. The 100 or so smaller “Pop Up” stores mainly carry smaller items. Most of the items featured in these stores are from small marketers that usually use social media to help their business. That a good idea and hope it goes well!


Why we spend money on things we shouldn’t (and how to break the cycle)

Most of us wish we’d spent less on things like cars, clothes and dining out in order to save. So why don’t we?

NBC also has this story on overspending and not only do people buy things they probably shouldn’t but ways into getting people to stop! A month or so before Christmas is interesting timing for this article to come out, but there are a lot of things people could cut back on to save some of that money.


Netflix Announces New Anime Projects Based on ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘Altered Carbon’

“Cagaster of an Insect Cage,” “Trese” and “Yasuke,” featuring the voice of Lakeith Stanfield, round out streamer’s new anime slate

Thewrap has some news  Especially interesting if you are an anime fan like me. Netflix announced 5 news original anime projects coming to its service. Japanese Anime fans are usually open to new ideas so This will be met and tried out by someone. With the Japanese Animation business getting a big bite taken out of it by bootlegging and illegal streams, this is an idea I hope has some legs to it and takes off like many of the Netflix originals seen in the states.


Final Fantasy 15 DLC Canceled, Director Hajime Tabata Leaves; Square Enix Posts $33 Million Loss

Square Enix announces an “extraordinary loss” amid major changes on the Final Fantasy team; get all the details here.

Some bad news from Gamespot for video game fans as it was announced that the planned Downloadable Content for the Final Fantasy 15 game will be cut. It was planned to have four different DLC missions for the game, but 3 of the 4 have been canceled. The parent company behind the game, Square Enix posted a $33 Million loss in its earnings report. The company said it will shift it’s focus to AAA titles.


Love Knows No Species: Emu And Donkey Have Fallen For Each Other, Caretakers Say

“They like to cuddle and even sleep together,” a North Carolina caretaker says of a recently rescued emu and donkey. “We can’t separate them.”

And NPR will finish the Round Up this week with a story that an Emu and a small Donkey on a farm have fallen in love! The pair lived on a farm in Kershaw, S.C., Carolina and the Male Donkey and the female Emu bonded during that time and become close. There have been attempts to separate the two so they can be relocated but that only made them upset. It is going to be an issue when you try to figure out what to do with the pair, but they are close and we all could use a little togetherness now that the election has passed.


And with that, we bring to a close another week of interesting news stories for you all to read. Hope things treat you well and remember to keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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