The Weekly news Round up for November 30

Featuring studies that your Dog isn’t special, Toy Vacuums, and a Wrestlemania challenge to WHO?!

Hello Nacho Readers! It is the end of November and I’m sure most f you have the Holidays on your mind. Be it Christmas, Kwanza, and Hannakuh enjoy it and celebrate it however you want. Much like Thanksgiving, it is a holiday built a lot of traditions. Don’t go into it with someone telling you how you are “supposed” to celebrate, bring the good times in your own way and have fun with it! As for right now, it is also the end of the week so it is time for a Round Up of news stories found on the Internet.


Rio de Janeiro governor arrested on corruption charges: media

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Fernando Pezao, was arrested Thursday over allegations he received bribes as part of the sprawling “Car Wash” graft probe, according to Brazilian media. The Globo News television channel showed live footage of federal police at the residence of the governor

Yahoo has this news story about Luiz Fernando Pezao, the governor of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, was arrested Thursday and brought up on Corruption charges. He is being accused of taking bribes while he was Vice Governer under Sergio Cabral who is serving 180 years for Corruption charges. Arresting prominent politicians for bribery and Corruption. There is an idea to bring to the States!


VA tells congressional staffers it won’t repay underpaid GI Bill recipients

For weeks, student veterans across the country have raised an alarm about delayed or incorrect GI Bill benefit payments, which the Department of Veterans Affairs has blamed on computer issues. But on Wednesday, the department told congressional staffers that it would not reimburse those veterans who were paid less than they were owed, two committee aides told NBC News.

MSN has this story of how the Department of Veteran Affairs has said they won’t be paying back to money owed to people after years of shortchanging Benefits to people under the GI Bill. TYhe incorrect and short payments have been blamed on a computer error, but the VA has told people within Congress they wouldn’t be paying any of those errors back, largely because the whole this is so screwed up they would need an audit!  I am in support and paying everyone what you promised so better get to work!


Southwest Airlines Agent Mocked Girl, 5, Called Abcde

Southwest Airlines has apologized after a gate agent at a California airport ridiculed a child’s unusual name. A member of Southwest Airlines staff at John Wayne Airport poked fun at Abcde (pronounced ab-city) Redford, her mother told ABC 7. The incident unfolded as the mother and daughter were flying home to El Paso, Texas.

MSN also has this story of how a Southwest Airlines ticket agent mocked the name of a Five-year-old girl that the Airline is apologizing for. The girl’s name is spelled Abcde ( it is pronounced ab-city in case you were wondering) and also suffers from epilepsy. She was boarding a California fright back to her home in Texas when a ticket agent started mockingly saying her name while laughing and pointing at the girl. If those allegations are true, what a dick move!


Sorry, it looks like dogs aren’t really that smart. Don’t blame us; blame this study.

Except for yours, yours is amazing!

CNN has this story of how recent studies show that Dogs aren’t any smarter than cats, dolphins, pigs, pigeons, or a whole host of other similar animals out there. The journal called Learning & Behavior has been testing dogs in all kinds of ways and have found that Fido isn’t really exceptionally smart compared to other animals. I am more of a cat person anyway


China orders halt to gene-editing after scientist’s claims

SHANGHAI – The Chinese government on Thursday ordered a temporary halt to research activities for people involve in the editing human genes, after a Chinese scientist said he had edited the genes of twin babies. Scientist He Jiankui said this week that he used a gene-editing technology known as CRISPR-Cas9 to alter the embryonic genes of the twin girls born this month.

NBC News has this story of how China has ordered the halt to Gene Editing Technology after scientist He Jiankui claims he altered the embryonic genes of twin girls born earlier this month. This seems more like Science Fiction, but it is a true deal and a sign that Technology marches on!


Reggae, ‘A Voice For All,’ Added To Intangible Cultural Heritage List By UNESCO

One of the best-loved musical styles in the world now bears a new distinction. Reggae – the uniquely Jamaican creation born in the late 1960s and made popular globally by artists like Bob Marley and Toots and the Maytals – has been added to a list of global cultural treasures by UNESCO, the cultural and scientific agency of the United Nations.

NPR has the story of Reggae music being added to a  “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”  by UNESCO, the cultural and scientific agency of the United Nations. The music largely from Jamaica and known for artists like Bob Marley and the Whalers and Toots and the Maytals is being marked for its impact internationally and as a “voice for all” in representing its culture.


Kevin Owens Challenges Elton John to WrestleMania Match After Cancelled Show

WWE Mike Chiari @mikechiari Twitter Logo Featured Columnist WWE Superstar Kevin Owens wasn’t feeling the love Tuesday night when Elton John canceled his scheduled show at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, shortly after it was supposed to start. After the singer’s cancellation, Owens tweeted him a WrestleMania challenge to show his dismay: .

Bleacher Report has a strange one from the Pro Wrestling World. WWE Wrestler Kevin Owens has laid out a challenge from next year’s Wrestlemania show to fight… Elton John. After the glam singer canceled a show in Florida after people had been seated, Owens took to Twitter and posted that he and his wife were in attendance for the canceled show and laid out the challenge before vowing to never wear Heart-shaped sunglasses again. As a wrestling fan, it should be noted Owens hasn’t wrestled in weeks due to Knee Surgery and may be questionable for the big show in April. Also, it is Elton John!


A toy Dyson vacuum that actually cleans? Parents will love this!

BUY IT NOW: Casdon – Dyson Ball Vacuum starting at $44.50 on This may quickly become the holidays’ hottest toy deal – for parents as well as kids. The Casdon – Dyson Ball Vacuum is a toy replica of the Dyson Ball vacuum that retails for $500-$600.

WCSH 6 in Portland Maine has this story just in time for the Gift-giving Season. New for the kids out there is a “toy” Dyson vacuum cleaner that actually works, It is said the Vacuum actually picks up small things like crumbs and dirt and in a removable tray and is tall enough for children, The retail price tag is around $500 to $600 so you better have a lot of joy in your heart to get your kids for that gift!


And with that little bit of holiday sucking, we end this week’s News Round Up. Remember that in life to Keep your eyes open and keep reading!


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