The Weekly News Round Up for November 16

Newly Discovered planets, Hoverbikes, a toy monkey, and awesome news for Batkid!

Hello, again Nacho Readers! It’s Friday and time for another Round Up of News found on the internet. It is halfway through the month of November and for many of you it is probably getting colder and thoughts are turning to Turkey Day and a big meal. No matter what you celebrate or how you do it, here is hoping you have an awesome time of it! So before we get to slicing cooked birds and passing out before a football game, it is Friday so let’s take a look at some news.

Stan Lee: A Real-Life Superhero And His Iconic Work * Its Nacho Stan Lee

One of the greatest writers, editors, and publishers of all times, Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95. For anyone who doesn’t know who Lee is, this iconic character is responsible for some of the most epic Marvel Comics characters ever. Stan died in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, yesterday morning.

This very Nacho has a story about the wonderful Stan Lee and all he has done throughout his life. The 95-year old that was the face of Marvel and comics in general, passed away on the 12th and had an effect on a lot of the geeky and nerdy fandoms out there. He will be missed.


Ancient ‘super-Earth’ exoplanet discovered orbiting nearby star

The nearest single star to the sun apparently hosts a big, icy planet. Astronomers have found strong evidence of a frigid alien world about 3.2 times more massive than Earth circling Barnard’s Star, a dim red dwarf that lies just 6 light-years from the sun.

NBC News has a story of a space discovery as an Earth-like planet has been discovered at a star close to our own. The Planet (Known as “Barnard’s Star B” after the star it revolves around) is located around 6 light years away. The planet is bigger than our own but a LOT cooler. There hasn’t been anything detected living on it, but one of these times they will find one of these planets outside our solar system and someone will be waving back.


Hoverbikes are finally here, but don’t expect to fly cheap

The era of the hoverbike is finally at hand, but you’ll have to be well-heeled to join in. A California company recently announced that it would begin deliveries of its long-anticipated flying motorcycle in the first half of 2019 for an estimated price of $150,000.

NBC News also has this story on Hoverbikes reaching the mass market. A California company is offering them for sale, but like all new tech and gadgets, it isn’t cheap. The wave of the future will set us back around $150,000 dollars as it is right now. I don’t make that kind of money! The bike goes around 250 pounds in weight and goes nearly 60 miles an hour, but the battery itself only goes about 25 minutes at a time. Still cool as hell though.

KSL has a story that the people behind the Oxford dictionary have chosen a “Word of the year” and that word is “Toxic.” It is a word that gets used a lot and one that is easy to remember. Could be worse, it could have been Triskaidekaphobia (Fear of the number 13) and we all would have been scratching our heads!


Cats in Japan say “nyao,” except for this one that says “ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli”【Video】

Kitty freaks out the Internet by appearing to speak, possibly perform black magic. One of the weirdest things about comparing languages is when you find out that different languages have different ways of imitating the sounds animals make. For example, in English cats say “meow,” but in Japan, they say “nyao,” “nya,” or “nyan.”

Soranews24 has a report on a video someone took of a cat who says more than “Meow”. I’m a big cat person and usually, when a cat does that, they are worried about something, but Chobimaru the cat seems to be okay and I hope he got a good rub on the head afterward.


A Toy Monkey That Escaped Nazi Germany And Reunited A Family

The monkey’s fur is worn away. It’s nearly a century old. A well-loved toy, it is barely 4 inches tall. It was packed away for long voyages, on an escape from Nazi Germany, to Sweden and America. And now, it’s the key to a discovery that transformed my family.

NPR has the story of a young man during World War II, his parents captured and murdered, left on his own, moving from Sweeden to American after the war, and one of the things he kept with him all that time, was a little toy monkey. The monkey ends up helping him in finding a whole lot more and is a great story of the good things that came about because of that monkey.


Facebook Said to Cut Ties With Definers Public Affairs

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook has ended its relationship with a Washington-based consulting firm, Definers Public Affairs, which spread disparaging information about the social network’s critics and competitors, according to a person familiar with the decision. The move followed a New York Times article on Wednesday that described the kind of work that Definers did on Facebook’s behalf.

The New York Times has the story of Facebook ditching it’s public relations consulting firm after it’s old one, Definers Public Affairs, was caught spreading story and rumors in an effort to discredit Facebook’s critics. Good move on their part and let’s hope whoever they hire next is a little more on the level.


Tim Burton’s Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Trailer Introduces the Rest of the Circus

Dumbo is preparing for landing. On Wednesday night, Disney released the first full-length trailer for the live-action remake, which is scheduled to be released early next year. Tim Burton is directing the redo of the 1941 animated classic, with Michael Keaton, Eva Green, Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito playing the parts of V.

The Hollywood Reporter has a preview of the new Tim Burton and Disney Live Action version of Dumbo. I grew up on the animated movie and this looks even better than that. Hopefully, this one is a big hit and enjoyable for this generation as the animated one was for mine, and I hope it doesn’t have the racism in it as that one did too. And hopefully, this version doesn’t have the “Elephants on Parade” sequence either! Remember kids, Don’t Drink!


‘Batkid’ is now cancer-free – CNN Video

Miles Scott, who is affectionately known as “Batkid,” is cancer-free five years after saving the city of San Francisco through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

CNN has an amazing story about a face we all saw a few years ago. Remember Batkid? The cancer-stricken kid who would dress up and his favorite hero, Batman. He just got the word he is now cancer free! Best wishes and may his future be bright! Cancer is a terrible thing, especially for a kid. More power to you Batkid!

And with that story of someone having some good news and a wonderful life ahead of them, we end this week’s Round Up of the News found on the internet. Remember to Keep Your Eyes open and keep reading!

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