The Weekly News Round Up for January 25.

The Weekly Round Up of News found online for you!

Welcome, Nacho Readers to another installment of The weekly round up of news found on the internet. It is still really cold out for most of us so let’s take a look at the world around us found in the online news for us to read!

America’s most expensive home sells for $238m to hedge fund boss

Penthouse at 220 Central Park South is 34 times bigger than average Manhattan apartment: ‘Hope he got a lot of bathrooms,’ says homelessness advocate

The Guardian has this story of the sale of the most expensive home in America. The penthouse apartment is located on Billionaire’s Row in New York. The apartment is said to be 34 times the size of an average Apartment in Manhattan and went for $238 Million! The new digs are around 24,000-sq-ft so we aren’t talking about a one bedroom place. Hope the heating works at that price!

Scientists Drill Deepest Hole Ever in Antarctica

Scientists weren’t trying to break a word record when they drilled the deepest hole ever made in Antarctica. Rather, they’re hoping that by peeking below the ice sheet, they’ll be better equiped to predict how the area will respond to climate change in the coming years, according to a statement from the British Antarctic Survey, which is leading the project.

Life Science has this story of Scientists drilling the deepest hole ever in Antarctica. They drilled for 63 hours straight with a hot water drill and got 7,060 feet deep! This was an attempt to measure the temperatures of the ice and how much it had deformed due to weather and climate changes. They didn’t strike oil or anything, but they got a lot of data to help the environment! This reminds me of a song I’ve heard:

Tiny Tim – The Ice Caps Are Melting

Nanodisk & Glitchface (my bro and me) were challenged to turn Tiny Tim upside-down! Check out our record label too! –

We Spent Over $43 Billion on Video Games Last Year

Consumers spent $43.4 billion last year, according to The NPD Group. That’s an 18% increase over 2017.

Fortune has this story on the reports that the video Game industry posted the biggest sales totals in seven years. It is said that game consumers spent $43.4 billion in 2018. That is a 17% increase over the year before. The best selling game of 2018? Red Dead Redemption 2, followed by Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Take-Two Interactive Software’s NBA 2K19. Nintendo also had a good year and was software revenue generating publisher of the year with its catalog of new games as well as the library it already has. The first time it has held that positions since 2009. It’s big business those video games! I got to play Red Dead Redemption 2 myself. Loved the first game, and hopefully, by now all the kinks and bugs were worked out for the second.

General Mills Recalls 5-Pound Bags Of Flour

A voluntary recall has been issued by General Mills, citing concern of salmonella contamination in the company’s Gold Medal brand of flour. The recall impacts 5-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached All Purpose Flour with a better-if-used-by date of April 20, 2020. No other types of Gold Medal flour are included in the recall.

MSN has some news of a recall of flour. General Mills has recalled 5-pound bags of it’s Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour over concerns the flour was contaminated and pose a risk of Salmonella. No reports of anyone getting sick as of yet, but General Mills wants to be safe. None of the company’s other Flours are at risk thankfully, so if you got a 5-pound bag of Gold Medal Flour sitting around, you might want to check to see if it is recalled or not. Better safe than sorry!

St. Bernard survives 17 days in Minnesota cold

A St. Bernard dog that ran away from a foster home in Minnesota has been found alive after surviving 17 days in freezing temperatures. Ruff Start Rescue director Azure Davis says she wasn’t sure the 10-year-old dog named Old Lady was alive after so much time had passed.

MSN also has this news story of Old Lady, a St. Bernard dog that got away from her foster home in Minnesota and lived outside in the cold for 17 days. She was found by a grandfather and his grandson who were out in the woods. Old Lady had a bit of Frostbite and was malnourished but Rescuers got her and the 10-year-old dog is safe and recovering well.

Boy, 5, Left Alone on Bus for 7 Hours During Dangerous Cold

A 5-year-old Delaware boy was left behind on a school bus for hours during dangerously cold temperatures.

In a similar story from NBC 4 from New York of a 5-year-old boy in Wilmington, Delaware who fell asleep on the School Bus on his way to school. The Driver didn’t check to see if all the kids were dropped off and were even told the little guy was asleep. He spent 7 hours on the bus in freezing cold temperatures. The driver finally noticed when they went around for the Afternoon run and there they discovered the cold and wet boy had been there the whole time. The driver has since been fired and the parents have been brought in the watch some security footage of the incident. Holy crap! Hope the little guy will be okay after this!

Jayme Closs to get $25K reward money after saving herself

A company that donated $25,000 to a reward for the return of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs says it will give her the money now that she has been found.

CNN has this story of rescued kidnapping victim Jayme Closs and that she will receive the $25,000 reward for her return. The money was put up by Hormel Foods that employed both the girl’s parents who were killed in the kidnapping. Closs went missing in October but 88 days later she was spotted walking down the road without winter gear some 70 miles away. Now that the girl is home safe, Hormel said it is trying to donate the money to her. At least some good can come from this horrendous story.

With that bit of kindness in a horrible situation we close out another round up of the news and once again recommend you all that in life to keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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