The Weekly News Round Up for February 8.

A collection of news found online!

Hello Nacho readers! Valentine’s day is coming up so for those of you that actually celebrate that day, hope you have someone in mind and hopefully they have you in their thoughts. Treat them to flowers and chocolate, or whatever else comes to mind when saying that you fancy them (and keep it tasteful!) and enjoy the day as much as you can. For the time being, though, here is a Round Up of news stories found on the internet.

Gucci Pulls “Blackface Sweater” From Stores After Complaints

by the Associated Press Gucci has apologized after complaints that a wool sweater with an oversized collar designed to cover the face resembled blackface makeup, and said the item had been pulled from its online and physical stores.

The Hollywood Reporter has this news of famed Clothing designer Gucci backpedaling a bit over a sweater that looks like someone in Blackface. The Black wool sweater comes with an oversized collar to go over the face and many have said it looks like someone in Blackface make up. The sweater usually goes for $890 but is being pulled due to the comments. Never did understand high fashion!

Gronk gets bonked by beer can during Super Bowl parade

New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski says he got hit in the face by a can of beer thrown during Tuesday’s Super Bowl victory parade in Boston. Gronkowski told “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” the can drew blood, and he showed Fallon the small cut it left near one of his eyebrows.

MSN has this story of Rob Gronkowski, Tight end for the Superbowl winning New England Patriots. He got smacked in the face with a beer can during the team’s Victory parade in Boston. Gronk said he got hit in the face with a full beer can during the celebration but he reports that he is okay and was not seriously hurt. Why would anyone want to throw away a full beer? Someone wasted their money on that one!

Leaky space toilet forces ISS crew into cleanup operation

Turns out you deal with toilet leaks in space the same way you would on Earth. The crew of the International Space Station had to use towels to soak up about 9.5 liters of leaked water, NASA wrote in a daily summary report.

CNet has this story from the International Space Station where they had a bit of a problem. The crew aboard the space station had just installed a new Toilet when it actually started leaking! Nearly ten liters of water had to be mopped up by the crew. It is said a connection to a portable water system was disconnected that caused the leak but that it has been fixed and no damage to the ISS remained.

Bubbles of brand new stars

This dazzling region of newly forming stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) was captured by the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer instrument (MUSE) on ESO’s Very Large Telescope. The relatively small amount of dust in the LMC and MUSE’s acute vision allowed intricate details of the region to be picked out in visible light.

Science Daily has this news from another part of space as ESO’s VLT (Very Large Telescope) snapped pictures of a bunch of new stars being formed within a magnetic bubble. This cluster of new stars is roughly 160,000 light years away so we aren’t going there anytime quick, never the less it is still awfully pretty to look at.

Ozzy Osbourne hospitalized after complications from flu

Feb. 7 (UPI) — Ozzy Osbourne is being hospitalized after experiencing complications from the flu. The 70-year-old singer’s wife, television personality Sharon Osbourne, confirmed in a tweet Wednesday that Osbourne was admitted to the hospital. “As some of you may have heard, Ozzy was admitted to hospital following some complications from the flu,” Sharon wrote.

UPI has the news that famed heavy metal pioneer Ozzy Osbourne is taking some time off while he is suffering from the flu. The 70-year-old was admitted to the hospital while about the start the European leg of his No More Tours II tour. It was felt he could recover faster if he had some hospital time and we shouldn’t worry about him. I have to wonder why there is a second “No More Tours” Musical Tour at all, but eh, it’s Ozzy.

Tensions rise as Venezuela blocks border bridge in aid standoff

The government of embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has blocked a bridge on the Colombia-Venezuela border amid rising tensions over opposition plans to bring humanitarian aid into the crisis-stricken country.

CNN reports of fences and truck tankers being put up on the border between Venezuela and Colombia. The president of Venezuela has issued a blockade of the border to keep humanitarian aid from entering into the country even as many in Venezuela could use it!

Huge gas line explosion in San Francisco creates inferno

San Francisco — A gas line explosion caused an inferno in a San Francisco neighborhood on Wednesday, the city’s fire department said. San Francisco Fire Department spokesman John Baxter said an unknown number of rescues were in progress. The incident happened at the corner of Geary Blvd. and Parker Ave.

CBS News is reporting a large Gas explosion on a construction site in San Francisco. It is said that the gas was turned off eventually but the fire had flames shooting 30 feet in the air and went on for 2 1/2 hours! No injuries were reported and no one seems to be killed but holy crap that is a big fire!

Twitter reports record revenue of $909 million in Q4 2018, despite losing 5 million monthly users – RocketNews | Top News Stories From Around the Globe

In its latest earnings release, Twitter once again lost monthly active users, but the company says increases in revenue and “monetizable daily active users” show that its “long-term strategy is working.” In Q4 2018, Twitter reported 321 million MAUs, compared to 330 million during the same time period last year.

RocketNews is reporting that Twitter saw big profits in the fourth quarter of 2018. The Social media site brought in $909 million in revenue despite 5 million people stopped using the service. Twitter has announced in the last two quarters that their monthly user count is shrinking, but they are still making a lot of money!

Make-A-Wish Maine grants 1,500 wish to a boy in Guilford

GUILFORD, Maine – Since 1993, Make-A-Wish Maine has been granting wishes for children who are critically ill all over the state. On Wednesday, in Guilford — wish number 1,500 was to a six-year-old boy battling a brain tumor. 6-year-olds Abel Richardson is battling a brain tumor in his brain stem.

And local NBC affiliate WCSH 6 is reporting how The Make- A- Wish Foundation granted Abel Richardson of Guilford, Maine, a six-year-old boy battling brain cancer, a superhero-themed go-kart! The Blue go-kart with red accents was given to Richardson during an elementary school assembly by friends, family, and some members of the local law enforcement. Doing good for those who could use it.

With that, we bring an end to this week’s Round Up of News found on the internet. Remember in life to keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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