The Weekly News Round Up for February 1.

A new Round up for a COLD day!

Hello Nacho Readers! The Polar Vortex has me hunkered down with it being so cold, but I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Join me in grabbing a hot cup of cocoa and reading through this week’s Round up of Interesting news stories found on the Internet!

Polar vortex grips the Midwest in a deep and dangerous freeze

MADISON, Wis. – Millions across the Midwest experienced a freeze normally reserved for the Arctic Circle on Wednesday as temperatures dropped to nearly 50 degrees below zero. The frightful cold, expected to bottom out with record lows Thursday morning, was blamed for several deaths across the region, and fears for the most vulnerable populations soared as night fell.

The Polar Vortex!

MSN has this story on the polar vortex and the effects it’s having in the midwest parts of the country. The temperatures in many places are colder than Alaska! Some temperatures were recorded as -48 degrees Fahrenheit! Even worse was when you added in the wind chill it was more like -65 degrees. That is cold!

Stan Lee memorial: The Rock, Kevin Smith, Mark Hamill remember comic-book icon

CLOSE LOS ANGELES – An Army bugler played a mournful “Taps” at a Hollywood memorial for Stan Lee, and military bagpipers sent a solemn “Amazing Grace” into the air. Standing respectfully around them was another group in its own impeccable uniforms: Lee fans dressed as Black Panther, Wolverine and other members of the X-Men and Avengers.


USA Today has the story of the memorial to the late Stan Lee on Wednesday. A lot of stars came out with The Rock, Mark Hamill, director Kevin Smith, and a load of cosplayers! I’d like to think that as crazy as it looked, he would have loved it!

Malaysia enthrones new king after historic abdication

Malaysia on Thursday installed a new king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, after the last monarch abdicated in a historic first following his reported marriage to a Russian ex-beauty queen. In a ceremony steeped in pomp and centuries of tradition, the sports-loving sultan, dressed in aqua blue formal

A New King!

Yahoo has the news from Malaysia as the country has a new King! The country’s former king Sultan Muhammad V stepped aside after reports came out he had married a former Russian beauty queen. The new king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is the 16th king of the majority Muslim nation. Previously he was the ceremonial ruler of central Pahang state of the country. The crowning was done in a ceremony on the country’s capital and shown live on tv. Hope things go well for him!

This business helped transform Miami into a national plastic surgery destination. Eight women died.

MIAMI – Just after dawn, the women arrive. They come in taxis and rental cars, to a strip mall clinic tucked between a barber shop and a discount shoe store. They fly in from across the country for deals they can’t get back home – thousands of dollars off cosmetic surgeries, available, if they like, on payment plans.

Not a good place to go!

USA Today also has this story about a clinic in Florida that gave discounts for cosmetic plastic surgeries for years, but now complaints are popping up after 8 people had died and a dozen more were left badly injured or near death themselves. The accusation is that the clinic would perform some procedures that were less than safe and the deaths occurred from people who got injured during those procedures. Yikes!

More than 10,000 students skipped school in Brussels to protest climate change

More than 10,000 students skipped school again in Belgium to join a climate change protest. Banners reading “School strike 4 Climate” and “Skipping school? No. We fight for our future,” highlighted the march, which was free of incidents. The students hope to turn the rallies into weekly events.

March for Climate!

Insider has the story of more than 10,000 students in Belgium skipping school and marching for the environment The march for the planet’s climate is similar to the march last week and those who are demonstrating say they are hoping to turn this into a weekly event if it is needed. I’m all for it, but those students protesting may face some heavy repercussions if they keep skipping out of school to join the protests. Let’s hope they do not get the brunt of the law coming after them!

On Jackie Robinson’s 100th Birthday, 100 Photos of an Icon

Past Tense Through images and personal essays by longtime New York Times writers, a vivid look at the man who made baseball truly American. He was born 100 years ago in a red-clay corner of Georgia, though for many Americans, Jackie Robinson burst onto the stage fully formed in 1947, a 28-year-old rookie in Dodger flannels.

Jackie Robinson

The New York Times has this story about the famed baseball player and civil rights pioneer Jackie Robinson would have turned 100 years old. Robinson was the first player to break the color barrier and play in Major League Baseball. He changed Baseball for the better when he started in the Major Leagues in 1947 and played there until the last game of the 1956 World Series. After that, he retired before being traded from the Dodgers to the New York Giants, and the deal was never finished. Robinson is a major figure in American history and opened a lot of doors for future players of color. Glad he is still remembered.

Jupiter and Venus line up perfectly with the moon in early morning spectacle

Commuters have beem sharing their delight at the sight of Jupiter, Venus and the moon lined up in the early morning sky in a phenomenon known as a conjunction. The two planets were visible in the same section of sky on Thursday morning as the moon appeared to pass between them at about 6am.

Jupiter and Venus line up and the Moon gets in on the action!

Independent has this story from space as Jupiter, Venus, and Earth’s Moon aligned in what is known as a conjunction. The event was visible to the naked eye as Venus and the solar system’s biggest planet in Jupiter lined up, only for the Earth’s Moon to come dancing in between the view and the planet Earth itself. Really Cool!

Ariana Grande fixes misspelled Japanese text tattoo

Ariana Grande now has “one less, one less problem.” Grande revealed Thursday she fixed her Japanese text tattoo after fans pointed out the ink that was supposed to read “7 Rings” actually spelled out ” shichirin ,” which translates to a Japanese style barbecue grill. “Slightly better.

Fox News has this story of singer Ariana Grande and a bit of a mistake in her new tattoo. The singer went online and showed off a picture of the new tattoo on her social media that supposedly said “7 Rings” in Japanese, the title of her new song. But instead, it was pointed out she actually had a tattoo of the word “shichirin,” a word meaning a small Japanese charcoal BBQ. That is what happens when Americans get tattoos in languages they don’t speak or read! May that be a lesson to you! Grande eventually had the mistake fixed.

A Shichirin

And with that mistake, we end this week’s Round up of news on the internet and remember to keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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