The Weekly News Round Up for August 31

Ending the month on some news!

Welcome again Nacho Readers to another weekly Round up of News stories found on the web! Today is August 31 so it is still hot as blazes out there, and for many of you, it is back to the books for the start of another school year. If either is the case for you, good luck and remember that soon enough you WILL get to the next level!


Prince Harry bursts into song onstage at ‘Hamilton’ performance

LONDON – Prince Harry delighted audience members at a charity gala performance of “Hamilton” by appearing onstage and singing the opening line of “You’ll Be Back.” In the hit hip-hop musical, the song is sung by the pompous King George III character, who was the titular Alexander Hamilton’s foe during the American Revolution.

NBC News has a story about Prince Harry and Lady Mehgan (The royals who just got married) stopping by the London production of Hamilton. Prince Harry actually sang a couple of bars to the crowd. It also helped raise the visibility of his charity Sentebale and raising funds for young people in Africa dealing with HIV


Conan O’Brien announces trip to Japan in negotiation over rural Tottori Prefecture’s Conan Town

American comedian responds to Hokei mayor’s request for his face on Mount Rushmore, says he’ll be here in Japan next week. This month, American comedian Conan O’Brien took an unexpected step into the world of international negotiations.

Soranews 24 has the story American talk show comedian Conan O’Brien will be going to Japan to settle an issue with the town of Hokuei. The “beef” is that the town is also known as “Conan Town” for being the birthplace of the creator of the Detective Conan series that is big in Japan ( American Otaku know it as well!). I’m a fan of O’Brien’s work so I think people will be entertained all over the world.


Kanye says he’s sorry for calling slavery a choice

Kanye West has had an unpleasantly eventful 2018, managing to piss off vast swathes of the American people-first by seeming to embrace Donald Trump as some kind of (far more dangerous) fellow provocateur, and then by giving a TMZ interview in which he said that “400 years of slavery” “sounds like a choice” to him.

AV Club writes about singer Kanye West apologizing for things he said again. this time it was about an interview he did a little while ago where he said that “400 years of slavery” sounded like a “choice” to him. I am a lily white boy in the middle of Maine and even I find that offensive. But I also find it par for the course from him. Besides all the other attention seeking thing he has said over the years, I’m still steamed over his awful cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Not a fan of his, to say the least, But that is just me.


Maine DOT denies PETA’s request for Route 1 lobster tombstone

BRUNSWICK (NEWS CENTER Maine) – PETA’s request to place a tombstone near the site of an Aug. 22 crash involving a truck carrying 7,000 lobster has been denied by the Maine Department of Transportation.

Local station WCSH 6 has a story about the after effects of an accident here in Maine where a truck carrying 7,000 live lobsters crashed in the town of Brunswick. PETA is now asking the local Department of Transportation for permission to build a roadside memorial for the lobsters that is nearly 5 feet in length. It also asks people to “try Vegan” because it’s PETA. Remember that lobsters are also close relatives of Cockroaches and have much simpler built brains and nervous systems than humans. Gotta give it a go and see what happens though.


Campbell Soup to sell international and fresh-food units

Campbell Soup said Thursday it plans to sell its international and fresh refrigerated foods units and left open the possibility of putting the whole company up for sale, after a months-long review and pressure from hedge fund investors to sell itself outright.

MSN has news of the famed American soup brand Campbell. They are planning on selling its international brands as well as it’s refrigerated foods brands as well. The company also hinted that they may just sell the whole thing! It comes after a lengthy review and seems to be appeasing the money investors more than anything. EVERYONE has grown up with the label some form or another. It is a name that has a lot of shelf space. I remember a lot of Campbell cans as a high school art student and looking at Andy Warhol. Sounds like a lot of adjustment is coming to the brand and hope it all turns out okay for them.


New Zealand town plans to ban cats | DW | 30.08.2018

A small town in New Zealand found itself at the center of a national debate between conservations and cat lovers on Wednesday, when a regional council announced plans to make the town of Omaui in the country’s Southland region completely cat-free.

A story from DW as the small town of Omaui in New Zealand wants to try going cat free. The town wants to cut down on the animal attacks on the native wildlife in the area. They came up with the idea of getting rid of the cats. I’m a big cat person so I’m not big on the idea, but if it is THAT much of an issue than give it a go and see if it helps any.



Marvel At This Drivable Bugatti Chiron Built From a Million Pieces of Lego Technic and 2,304 Electric Toy Motors

As cool as the 5.3-million-piece Lego X-wing fighter the toymaker built in Times Square was-the ship didn’t actually fly. That’s what makes Lego’s latest over-the-top build even more impressive. There’s over a million pieces of Lego Technic in this life-sized Bugatti Chiron, as well as 2,304 tiny Lego electric motors allowing it to be actually driven to speeds of over 18 miles per hour.

And MSN has an incredible story of a LIFE SIZED Bugatti Chiron built out Lego! The cat is made from over a million Lego pieces and a few other non-Lego bits like a steel frame and some of the Drivetrain. This thing is powered on over 2,300 Lego engines. Of course, it’s doesn’t go nearly as fast as the real thing as it’s top speed is 18 miles an hour but seriously it is a LEGO CAR!  This is the kind of story that just begs for James May to present.

With the thoughts of lots of Lego, we ending both the Round Up for the week and the month of August. Here is wishing things are good for you and remember to Keep your eyes open and keep reading!


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