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Welcome readers to another Friday here at The Nacho and another Weekly News Wrap up of stories around the ‘net. It’s the middle of July so hope most of you reading this have found ways to beat the summer heat!

‘Little People, Big World’ star Jeremy Roloff quitting show

When “Little People, Big World” first premiered on TLC, Jeremy Roloff was 16 years old.

CNN has the story of how reality TV Star Jeremy Roloff has decided to leave the show “Little People Big World” This came as a shock to me as I didn’t even know the show was still going! The show has been going since 2006 and originally followed  Parents Matt and Amy Roloff who were little people, and their kids, Twins Zach and Jeremy, the daughter Molly and the youngest son Jacob. I stopped watching ages ago. After nearly killing their youngest son and TLC using it as a rating stunt, The parents divorcing, and Matt Roloff getting popped for a DUI, I had lost interest and stopped watching. Jeremy is one of the oldest of the children and is married and a father now at age 28. His twin and his little sister have also gotten married now too. How is this show still running?


Croatia stun England, reach World Cup final

Trippier put England ahead Perisic equalized for Croatia Manduzkic scores winner in extra time Croatian second smallest nation to reach World Cup final Croatia fought back to beat England 2-1 in their 2018 World Cup semifinal in Moscow on Wednesday as Mario Mandzukic scored the winner in the second half of extra time.

NBC Sports has a lock on the World Cup Soccer tournament getting closer to it’s final with Croatia beating England in a surprise to reach the final match in the tournament and they will be facing France who won out over Belgium in a 1-0 semifinal game on the 10th. I’m no soccer expert but Croatia reaching the finals must have cost someone some money in betting somewhere. The final match is being held on July 15. So tune in if you can catch it.


Serena Williams reaches Wimbledon final to continue fairytale comeback

Serena Williams continued her fairytale comeback as she beat Julia Goerges to set up a re-match of the 2016 Wimbledon finals against Angelique Kerber of Germany.

In the tennis world, CNN is reporting big news as Tennis superstar Venus Williams reached the Women’s finals for the tenth time. This comes after a harrowing Childbirth 10 months ago where she was risking her life and only the second Grand Slam tournament since then. No matter what, she gains some respect there!

Papa John’s Founder Quits As Chairman After Using The N-Word During Conference Call

The founder of the Papa John’s pizza chain has stepped down as chairman of the board after he apologized for using a racial slur against African Americans during a conference call in May. John Schnatter’s resignation comes months after he had already quit as CEO in the wake of controversial remarks concerning the National Football League’s handling of anthem protests.

NPR has the story of John Schnatte the founder and head of the Papa John’s Pizza chain is stepping down after using some racist and foul language during a business call with execs from one of the company’s marketing agencies. Truth be told he was never one of my favorite people anyway for his attitudes toward the people who actually work for him to get him that job. I’m not shedding any tears over him quitting, just wished it didn’t have to come to that for it to happen.


Hi, we’re The A.V. Club, and we’re for sale

Over the many years of its operation, The A.V. Club has been occasionally accused-often by people very angry about our opinions of Zack Snyder Batman movies-of being a bunch of corporate sellouts, pawns of that demon devil Money and the siren call of its sweet, filthy lucre.

The AV Club has a story up about rumblings with their parent company Gizmodo Media Group that own them and a bunch of other sites. turns out the whole thing is owned by Spanish language Television group Univision. I’d say some of those places look like neat places to write for, but who knows what is going to happen to them in the oncoming future.

In news from the Fan and Convention world, One Angry Gamer has the story of noted cosplayer Momokun being dropped as a spokesperson for The Creators Guild, a group known for its Cosplay supplies for costumers and Cosplayers. The group made the call after the Anime Expo convention recently. Remeber folks, Cosplay is not Consent. Hands to yourself!


Pokémon anime TV episode will not air in U.S., blackface concerns assumed to be reason why

These days, thanks to online streaming services and improved translation coordination, it’s not unusual for new anime episodes to stream internationally on the same day they air in Japan. An exception to this trend, however, is the Pokémon franchise, for which U.S.

Soranews 24 had an article on an episode of the Pokemon anime series (That is still around too?) that will be held off American viewing with some content that some on the American side might not like too much. I still remember the word of this show giving kids Seizures back in the day and a whole host of other episodes being held off American TV for while so this is not anything new for them. Again, this show still being on the air is pretty noteworthy in itself!

And with that, we wrap up another week with the Round Up. Keep cool out there and don’t let it make you sick! As always, keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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