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It’s the end of another week so it is time for the Weekly News Round Up of different news stories from the world found online. Let’s see what this week has to show!


Thai cave rescue: Round trip to see boys takes 11 hours

Divers working to free 12 boys and their coach who are trapped in a cave in northern Thailand must navigate dark, flooded tunnels for six hours to reach them. It takes another five hours to return.

CNN has been updating on the boys soccer team and their coach that has been stuck inside of a cave now for days and the attempt to rescue them. It has also been explained just how far into a cave they are. At 2.5 miles inside, it is going to be a heck of a time getting them all out!


Sticky weather in the East, wildfires in the West make for a trying July 4th

Hot and muggy temperatures cast a sticky shadow over many Fourth of July celebrations on Wednesday, while elsewhere, dangerous wildfires forced residents to spend the holiday out of from their homes. In the eastern part of the United States, where at least one death was blamed on a nearly weeklong heat wave, 98 million people were under heat advisories or warnings, reported NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer.

MSNBC has a look at the protester who actually scaled part of the State of Liberty on July 4th. This event was carried live by many of the news networks. Watching it live, I was getting worried the worst was going to happen to them. I get the message they were trying to make, but things like that don’t always end in a storybook fashion if you know what I mean.


Twitter searches for the mysterious Shinsekis…and their potty-trained rabbit

Twitter holds a treasure trove of unusual tales from around the world, and while some days spent knocking about in the Twitterverse are seemingly ordinary, with users sharing photos of their cats watching video games or dogs eating cash, other days come with exciting stories of mystery, and today was one of those days.

Soranews 24 has an odd story about a message left for future homeowners. While remodeling a house. a picture of previous owners was left saying that they were the Shinsekis and that the only way to see the message was in remolding. So What did they do wrong? After this story was carried online, people want to find them! Sometimes you just never know what you will find in remodeling. Seriously, I once read a newspaper from New York that my Grandfather found remodeling a house. This had an early news story about the Lizzie Borden murders in it. So it’s was interesting indeed.


New cosplay job-hunting site opens, offers everything from one-day to full-time positions

Cosjob is here to help you go from just playing in an anime costume to working in one. With summer here, a lot of people are looking for part-time jobs to have some extra cash in their pockets during the warm months of the year.

Soranews 24 also has a story on a new website that was launched in Japan that helps Cosplayers find jobs! Being creative and down on your luck in not just an American thing as this full well illustrates. I have lots of respect for the cosplay world, even in Japan. hope it works out well and people get better employment out of it!


Today in oops: Sony accidentally uploaded an entire movie to its YouTube channel

Three and a half years after the hack that exposed thousands of employees’ personal information, 50 screenplays for upcoming Sony films, and the existence of a Men In Black/21 Jump Street crossover, Sony Pictures is once again scrambling to mop up a digital leak.

The AVClub website has a story on Sony uploading a whole movie to it’s Youtube Channel. With its history of these kinds f things, either sony has some real personal issues or maybe some of these “leaks” aren’t accidents either. The movie in Question is Khali the Killer, a low rent movie that didn’t exactly top the American movie charts, and probably didn’t top much of anything anywhere. But if you are interested, there ya go!


FIFA 2018 World Cup: Fixtures, results and coverage

The 2018 World Cup is here and runs until the final on July 15. Check back here daily for results, news coverage and stories on the biggest names in Russia. Fixtures: Daily match schedule Scores: Follow every match Bracket: Which teams face off in the knockout stages?

ESPN’s website has got you covered on the ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament. The group stage is over and it’s on to the elimination round. As we are getting into another week, it means we are narrowing in on a winner!


Twitter roasted this man for eating a Kit Kat bar wrong, so he used one to propose

When reporter Haley Byrd tweeted a photo of her then-boyfriend’s Evan Wilt’s first time eating a Kit Kat bar, many on Twitter joked that she should dump him. On Wednesday she revealed that Wilt proposed using a 3D-printed version of the chocolate treat.

USA Today has a report with a happy ending. A while ago one of their reporters showed a picture of their boyfriend eating a Kit Kat bar the “wrong way” as he had never had a KitKat bar evidently. People asked of the poor soul, and by god they got married, using a mock-up of a KitKat bar! Good going for you both!


How to Help a Feral Cat Adjust to Being Indoors

Many people think cats are better off living outside, but between traffic, diseases, aggressive animals, and poisonous substances, cats who stay indoors live much longer than those who stay outside. However, transitioning a cat who has spent most of its life outside isn’t always easy.

Cole and Marmalade, my favorite internet cats with their owners Chris and Jess, have an article on their site looking at ways you can adjust your once feral kitty to living indoors. Outside is not the safest place for a cat and if you are befriending (or are claimed by) a kitty and they are moving inside your house, it can be a good read!


Watch Airbus give its whale-shaped Beluga plane a cute makeover

Airbus’s Beluga aircraft is named after the Arctic whale that it resembles, and just in case anyone was in any doubt about just how similar the two look, the plane maker recently gave its new BelugaXL aircraft the cutest makeover ever.

Yahoo has the story of Airbus giving one of the biggest planes I have ever seen in their Beluga, a cuter makeover. I don’t know about passenger comfort. that thing looks like it flies space shuttles for a living! I can imagine one of those landing at your local airport!


Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2018 Prize Money Payout and Winners

The annual 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — a world-famous competitive eating event — winners have been announced. Find out how much money the defending champs won.

Yahoo also has a short blurb on the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held on Coney Island every July 4th. It’s not a marathon for people to watch, but it was broadcast on ESPN 2 Live and it was incredible watching Joey Chestnut win out with over a 15 dog lead over his nearest rival. This story also gives news on the payouts for those who actually won the thing. Why aren’t the Tums or Pepto Bismol people in on this event? And remember your Holiday leftovers! Besides stuffing their guts they’ll be having to take time off later that day when it all “moved south” on them. As Harry Potter’s Hagrid said in one of the movies. “Better out than in!”

And with that kind of thing, we bring this Weekly Round-Up of the news to a close. It is a wild world out there, so keep your eyes and mind open and keep reading!


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