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TGIF! It’s time for some news!

Hello, once again readers! It’s the end of another week so it’s time for another Weekly Round Up of stories followed around the web. It’s been another interesting week so let’s take a look!

Here is a story from the J-list Blog (it can be an adult site, proceed with some caution) about how lanterns were made for the two characters from Pop Team Epic…and then summarily started a huge fire in the middle of a festival of lights. No one was hurt, but chalk that up to some terrible irony.

NFL player of note and infamy Colin Kaepernick is lawyering up. Surprised it has taken him this long. Poor Guy. But in his situation, do whatever you got to do and if it means getting the President to take the stand. Go for it!

In Football news of a different color, Former NFL Quarterback Oliver Luck has been named the new commissioner of Vince McMahon’s XFL project that will supposedly take the field in 2020. I have nothing against Luck as this is the first time hearing about him, but honestly, I think the XFL relaunch is another sinking ship and another billionaire wasting their time and money in another scam. But whatever happens, his name is attached to it forever more

CNN has the latest on the death of fashion Designer Kate Spade. We covered it here too so her death is being noticed. Such a sad end to someone who was doing so well (on the outside apparently).


Baseball fan catches foul ball in beer – CNN Video

San Diego Padres fan Gabby DiMarco caught a foul ball in her beer during a game and chugged the beer.

CNN also has the story of the woman who caught a Foul ball IN HER BEER. Arena beer isn’t the best stuff in the world, but I think she deserves to chug away on that drink. Good catch!


Police Say Soldier Stole Armored Vehicle And Led Them On 2-Hour Chase

Police say a soldier stole an armored vehicle from a military installation outside Richmond, Va., Tuesday night, leading them on a two-hour chase that ended downtown with his arrest. Police say the suspect, identified as Joshua Philip Yabut, 29, of Richmond, Va., took the vehicle from Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Va., just before 8 p.m.

This one is incredible. NPR has the story of how someone stole an armored vehicle off an army base and led police on a chase for 2 hours. I saw someone passing around a Tweet about it and wondering just what the heck is going on. Never thought the whole thing would go viral.


Hallmark Is Set To Release 34 New Christmas Movies This Year

The holidays are a few months away but that won’t stop us from getting excited about it. There is something special about that time of year that really just makes us feel happy and warm. Sometimes all the things we have to do get overwhelming though.

In more entertainment style news. The Hallmark Company has announced they will be releasing 34 Christmas movies this year. Yes, 34 of them. This year. Those movies never did anything for me, but SOMEONE has to be watching those right? I’d say it was a return on the investment but…


Coca-Cola Japan releases new clear coke this month, we get to try it before it goes on sale

No calories, no colour and, surprisingly, a slightly different flavour to regular Coke. If you’ve been reading our site lately, you’ll know that Japan is currently gripped by a clear drink craze, with everything from milky teas to coffee appearing as clear-liquid products.

Soranews24 has a story on the soon to be released Japanese bottles of Coca-Cola Clear.  Yeah, I remember Pepsi Clear too. And to little surprise, it tastes just like nothing evidently. So…what’s the point? Anywho it seems like it is being limited to Japanese shores instead of the United States, so it won’t be my problem to try and understand!

TMZ  has a story about the death of the last surviving munchkin for the 1939 classic film “The Wizzard of Oz”. Jerry Maren was 98 years old and a huge part of history. To you, salutes!

Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran has been getting a lot of hate online. I don’t believe any of it is justified but the LA Times has an article about how people are coming to her defense. After what she and others have been through, it’s good to report what is being done about it. So here is hoping for more and more prominent roles for here in the near future!


WWE fires exec over wife’s Alt-Right Twitter account

Stamford-based WWE has fired Sal Siino, senior vice president of global content distribution and business development, after being alerted by a Huffington Post writer that Siino’s wife is the author of the controversial @AmyMek account on Twitter, which has gained notoriety for its anti-Muslim messaging and its enthusiastic espousal of Alt-Right politics and support of white nationalist figures.

This is a late-breaking one, but the WWE has fired a Global Vice president over some posts his wife actually made that got some attention for being unTwitterlike. Guess the wife was using her twitter identity to say some things I am not going to repeat here. Not like the WWE itself is known for being all nice and friendly either.


MIT scientists created a “psychopath” AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit

We’ve all seen evil machines in The Terminator or The Matrix, but how does a machine become evil? Is it like Project Satan from Futurama, where scientists combined parts from various evil cars to create the ultimate evil car? Or are machines simply destined to eventually turn evil when their processing power or whatever becomes sufficiently advanced?

AVClub has news on MIT Students are creating EVIL Artificial Intelligence. I’m pretty sure that is how Fallout 4 ended up, wasn’t it? I’m gonna have to invest in a mini nuke and a large hammer made of rebar and cement aren’t I?

A local show here in Maine of all places has a look at an older story they did on the Death of Bobby Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his death after winning the California Primary. Even now that video is a hard to watch (You can find that on Youtube). Things may have been much different, but regardless, it deserves some mention on this anniversary.

And that brings up to the end of another Weekly News Round Up for this week. Once again, keep your eyes open and keep reading!


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