The Weekly News Round Up!

Bits of news for the middle of May!

Hello all! Another week has gone by and we got a lot of things going on to point out here at The Nacho. Here we go!

I gave a report on some of the going on with The Royal Wedding this weekend. Here where I am, it is being covered on our local PBS Station, but if you are into that kind of thing. Check out your local television coverage and better do it ahead of time as the local British happenings start EARLY.

Zelda Williams (The Daughter of the Late Robin Williams) is going through some of his collection and trying to identify things. There is a LOT of stuff she is identifying so if she needs it, please give her a hand!

The news is getting big with latest in Hawaii about the big volcanic eruption and it does not seem to be slowing down. The latest word is that the famous Kilauea’s summit has exploded and caused all kinds of havoc and destruction. I can not urge enough to NOT GO THERE. This is not “happy Earth time” and to make sure anyone in the area are okay. MSN has a story.

Anime News Network has the story of Studio Ghibli’s remembrance ceremony for one of its own in the late Director Isao Takahata. The man behind many of the studios biggest anime productions (Grave o9f The Fireflies, Pom Poko and others) was remembered by friends, co-workers, and by Hiyao Miyazaki himself with stories, jokes, and the good times. He was one of a kind.

MSNBC has a story on how scientists efforts might actually be helping the Emporer Penguins in the southern part of the world. Whatever works for everybody!

QueenOnline has announced the arrival of a preview and the Poster for the Freddie Mercury-themed Movie Bohemian Rhapsody set to be released in early November! I have been a huge Queen fan for a long time so I hope to see it someday!

E-sports Insider has an article on how A big Esports get together is being planned around the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Officials are meeting with members of the IOC to come up with plans that may be the biggest deal in Esports in a long time. As I posted before, The Tokyo Games need a bit of help and good press for once.

Nerdist has a look at a new TV series that will be a prequel of Famous Batman character, the butler Pennyworth, that is in the works. This is an interesting idea but Prequels often times get mired in things like ratings and sensibilities and soon, you may have comic fans saying how things don’t work out in the story. I hope it does well, but just expect what may be on the road ahead for a series like that.

Nerdist also has a look at the long-rumored Star Wars related movie based on Lando Calrissian. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, there are much bigger fans of the franchise and the characters then I. But doing a movie of a younger version of a character portrayed by Billie Dee Williams sounded like an uphill struggle right from the get-go. It can and will be done, but Universal praise for such an effort may be the hardest to come by.

Hopefully, for Comic fans, a happier event is being planned as it was announced that the Batwoman character is planned to be made part of the CW series Arrow. Hope this is a case of show producers doing it right and give the show an uplift in the right direction.

And just to round things out, Forbes is reporting that the WWE and 2K Games have made the first official announcement that WWE 2k19 will be coming out later this year. I’m a long time fan of those games but they aren’t exactly full of surprises either. Not that the games are bad. Just not very new.

And that is all I have for the week. Enjoy the wedding if you want, Live like how you want,  And keep reading!


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