Robbery of 400 year old Crown Jewels from a Church in Sweeden

This Theft Will Blow Your Mind

A set of Royal Crown Jewels of Sweeden were stolen in the morning light and the thieves made their escape by a nearby speedboat. They and the crown jewels they stole have yet to be found. This kind of thing sounds like the opening of the James Bond film. Something to introduce the bad guys in a work of fiction. However, this is real. Very real.

The theft took place Tuesday at the Strängnäs Cathedral just west of the Sweedish Captial, Stockholm and took place just before lunch. More than one thief was involved as reportedly two people were seen running from the site and hopped into an open-topped speedboat before taking off.

The items stolen by the group were two golden crowns and an orb dating back to the 1600’s. They were part of the collection of Karl IX and Kristina, former monarchs of Sweeden, Karl IX was coronated in 1607 and reigned until his death in 1611. There is a statue of him in Karlstad, Sweeden, and a memorial to the late Monarch and his then-wife in the Cathedral where the items were stolen.

It is said that the jewels would normally have been buried with them but were unearthed at some point in history to put on display for the public. It was while in display Tuesday that someone thought stealing them in broad daylight would be a good idea.

As of this writing, police were still looking for the two that were a part of this, or the speedboat they used to get away from the scene of the crime. It is thought that the original boat was ditched at some point and another vehicle was used in the getaway. No trace of either vehicle has been found as of yet.

One problem with this is that Royal Crowns and orb aren’t the kind of thing the people come across every day. It is going to be very hard to actually do anything with these items to make such a robbery worth it, at least not without grabbing some attention from someone in the know first. To many that are looking for the ones behind this robbery, it isn’t even about the monetary value of the crowns or the orb that was stolen. Being such a big part of the country’s history is worth a lot more.

If there is any good to a story like this is that it is being reported that no one was threatened or hurt in the robbery. So to an untrained eye, it looks like there was not a massive struggle to get the items nor was there a scuffle to get them out. The church that held the items is close to the water making it much easier to escape by the boat and off to (hopefully temporarily) oblivion.

Karl IX of Sweeden may not have been king of the country for too long, but he was married twice. His first marriage bore him 6 children and his second marriage gave him another 4 heirs. It is said he fathered one more through his mistress as well. It is believed that the items were of at least partial ownership of his second wife, Christina.  The union eventually produced King Gustav Adolph who reigned over the country from 1611 until 1632. Being that they are royal items of monarchs with some historical value to the country and that they were parents of another monarch of note for Sweeden will make these items even more visible as time goes on and more are made aware of the theft and the monarchs involved.

We hope the items will be returned and the thieves caught as soon as possible.

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