Not emails again!! Parliament Hit by Cyber Attack

Hackers hit the email system of the British Parliament

Hackers hit the email system of the British Parliament in an apparent attempt to break into the accounts of hundreds of MPs, Lords and their staffs, according to a House of Commons spokesperson.

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard also confirmed the attack on Twitter.

The attack prompted security services to shut down access to anyone outside the Palace of Westminster, where the two houses of Parliament meet.

Speaking at the Glastonbury festival, where he had given two speeches to the assembled revellers, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said: “I think [this] indicates just how vulnerable we are to cyber-attacks and our cyber-security.

“We need to be investing in cyber-protection – it is a huge issue. We all rely on computers, we all rely on emails, we all rely on digital records. You wouldn’t leave your building without importing documents under lock and key. A computer is just the same.”

Passwords of British politicians hacked by Russians

russian hacker

The attack comes days after reports that Russian hackers had put passwords belonging to senior ministers, ambassadors and senior police officers up for sale online.

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