Looks Like You Need to Travel to Cuba Sooner Than You Thought

Just when you start planning a trip traveling to Cuba for a summer vacation, new presidential directives aim to bring in tougher policies toward Cuba. Not so fast my friend.

President Trump unveiled the directives Friday in Miami and ultimately giving the Treasury and Commerce departments 30 days to come up with a concrete plan.

Here’s what you may have to look forward to:

— Tighter enforcement of rules requiring Americans to produce proof of valid travel to Cuba (such as receipts) under allowed categories.

— A reverting back to old policy of visits only being permitted with groups licensed by the Treasury Department.

— Americans who travel under permitted categories, such as education, will be subject to an audit by the Treasury Department.

— Commerce will be restricted with the business and commerce wing of Cuba’s military.

— Will make it difficult for U.S. companies to expand their business in Cuba.

If you’ve been dying to visit Cuba, now may be your only chance do so without a hassle. Because hassle and stress are the last things you want to deal with when traveling outside the country!

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