It’s Nacho Top Stories of The Week | September 15

#1 Hurricane Irma

Top Stories Week September 15 - Irma

Odds are, you knew about Hurricane Irma. However, did you know that

- Over 6.2 million homes went without power in Florida.

-The island of Barbuda is now unoccupied for the first time in 300 years.

- Death toll stands at 82, with 26 of those being from Florida

- The cost of the damage stands in the Billions!

#2 North Korea Launches a Missile…Again

The friendly nation of North Korea is at it again. North Korea is shoting missiles left and right, and this times it launched over the island of Japan, at a distance of 3,700 KM before diving into the sea. It is the furthest  a North Korean missile has traveled, and it is a distance that would be able to hit Guam.

#4 London Underground Train Explosion

What is believed to be a Terrorist incident, London had another explosion hit it's underground tube this morning. Here is what we know:

- 22 People are reported to have been hospitalized.

- It is the fifth terror attack in Britain this year.

-Donald trump Blames explosion on "Loser Terrorists"

#5 LSU Pledge Dies

All Greek activities have been suspended at LSU following a potential hazing incident. It seems like Alcohol was the reason for the pledge's death.

Maxwell Gruver, a Phi Delta Theta Fraternity pledge died thursday after being brought by a fellow fraternity member at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical center.

#7 The Cleveland Indians Have Won 22 Games In A Row

I'm Not a Baseball fan myself but a 22 game winning streak is damn impressive, especially in professional sport.

The Indians rallied last night after being 1 strike away from losing and ending their winning streak.

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