Facebook and Instagram suffer Downtime

Social Media sites have some issues

In one of those things that doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s life (Hopefully!) but can be a pain in the butt to a lot of people, social media sites Facebook and Instagram were having issues Tuesday morning.

The troubles seem to have both sites experiencing slow lag times and for some not even loading at all. Many people saw “service unavailable” on both the main websites as they tried to figure out why they couldn’t check up on their friends or see the pictures that were posted.

No malicious attacks on either company are being reported and it looks like the problems may be located near England and the East coast of the United States. Although with the times of the outages, it may be an issue of many users not being awake at the time of the outage in other parts of the United States.

Facebook has been having issues lately itself as people have been reporting problems in using the service as of late. For me personally, I had issues sending pictures through there messenger with the warning coming back from the site the pictures were not “actual picture files” and refusing the send Jpg or gif files to members of my friend’s list at all. I thought I had cleared that up with a wipe of my computer’s cookies. Others were reporting similar issues and to clean the memory of your cell phone. It is not being reported if these recent issues are related to this morning’s downtime in the site’s service.

The site seems to have recovered on the East coast after the shutdown Tuesday morning and things seem to be back to normal. Instagram also seems to be back up and running as well.

As was reported at the time, social media site Youtube also went down recently. While it did not cause havoc everywhere, it made for a joke to a number of people and many users had a fun time of it before the service to the site was returned and things went back to normal. As with the downtime for the video service, there was not a lot of widespread panic during the downtime of either site.

Facebook and Instagram are separate sites but both are owned by Facebook and their parent company. At this time it was not known if the outages were related in some way or just a case of some really bad timing and bad luck. Again, there doesn’t seem to be any sign this was a malicious attack of any sort, but not a lot of details have been released yet either.

While downtime is a headache for the companies involved, it can be just as much of a headscratcher for users. Facebook and Instagram do have downtimes, though it is not frequent. In many cases people may assume something is wrong on the user end. Computer memory, cookies, cell phone programming, or programs that make social media sites easier to use or even function at all (Like Java, Flash, and things like that) need to be updated all of the time. Sometimes the issue isn’t the site itself, but the meshing of what programming the companies are using and what you have running now that can cause a lot of issues. In this instance, it seems that the outages were on their end of the line of communication and not a user issue.

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