A Look At The English Line of Succession

A countries line of succession is one of those things that people want to have around, but don’t want to talk about.  Moving along that line requires people to die or scandal and that is not something for the people of your country to worry about.

In the United States, it’s all fairly clear-cut, even if you have to dig a little. The President of the United States stands on top with the Vice President after that. The Speaker of the ruling house of the House of Representatives is up followed President Pro Tempore of the Senate follows that. After those folks, you have the ruling secretaries of each department of government as it was formed. As long as they qualify for the position (and a few don’t) the names are in the lineup. It’s a known position that in case of big events, at least one member will sit out and become the “Designated Survivor” in case of the worst possible events takes place. ABC even made a show about it. Thankfully here in the States, we never had to go that far.

But that is the states and not exactly the focus of much of the world right now.  England and it’s rolling reach are in focus as English second crown Prince Harry gets married to Meghan Markle this coming weekend.

I bring this up because the English line of succession is more formal, steeped in a whole lot of history, and has more to do with the order of birth and placement on a family tree than it has to do with any kind of official standing or title within the government. Now, sitting on the top of that is Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England amongst a whole host of titles that cover a lot of land and territory around the world. She’s been in the position since 1952. She ascended to the role after the death of her father, King George VI.  The Queen has been there ever since with Prince Phillip by her side. Although he does have a lot of royal lineage in his past, he is not en route to be the King. He is a different lineage from other countries (Greece and Denmark actually.)

Next in line after her in Prince Charles, Also known as The Prince of Wales. Charles was born in late 1948, and despite him being near 70 years old, he is still the next person in line as it is. Those rumors of him being “Skipped over” is a false rumor that has been around since I was a kid and are not true.

Next are his kids he had with Lady Diana Spenser. The eldest of the two sons is Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. That title, along with a few others, was created for him right before his wedding to Cathrine Middleton in 2011. So for us not of the UK, titles start getting confusing. After him, come his 3 children (as of now anyway), Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

As it is now, but very well will change in time after this weekend’s events, in number 6 in line, Prince Henry. Or as we know him, Harry “The spare” to many of the Royal world. He is the one the world will be watching this weekend as he marries Mehgan Merkle, the American Actress on the USA Network. They do not have kids yet. If they do, the kids would be the next in line after their father. So this list could very well be Seven people deep if not more with history and nature taking their courses. Kids can be awesome!

After the main Royals, you get The Queen’s next son in line, Prince Andrew, and his two daughters. His little brother Prince Edward, the Earl of Essex and his two children James and Lady Louise, and then you have Princess Anne, the Daughter of Queen Elizabeth. After Princess Anne is her son Peter Phillips and his two children and then Anne’s second child Zara Tindall and her daughter Zia.


Those are the immediate family members in that line of royal succession and if you are counting takes us somewhere around 18 in line. Things actually go even further with other relatives of Queen Elizabeth II all the way down to 57th in line. But time has a way to change history so who knows what will happen for the Royals in the future.


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