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It’s Friday so that means another week of some of the top stories around the internet with The Nacho Weekly News Round up! We are in the middle of June now so the summer heat is getting to a lot of us, but at the same time you or anyone younger may be done for school for the summer, or even better graduating! Word of advice from someone who has been there (A while ago now) after school life is not an easy one or is it even close to what School or even College prepares you for. Life can be hard for some, but getting to that point IS a big step, so if you are graduating from High School or College, pat yourself on the back because you did awesomely!

From pig’s brain to beaver: Revisiting Anthony Bourdain’s most fearless moments

Anthony Bourdain was many things. He was also something of a badass, boldly taking on new adventures and challenges. We were lucky that he took us along for the ride. Here are six of the late CNN host’s most jaw-dropping moments.

One of the biggest stories in the last week has been the death of CNN host Anthony Bourdain. The traveling chef and host always did things his own way, even if he had some rough times in his past. Both at CNN or the Travel Channel have been running memorials for their fallen host and personality that did things his way. No matter which channel it was on, he will be missed, even if his work will live on. Gonna miss you and much respect!


Best of E3 2018 Awards – Nominees List – IGN

All the hottest games at this year’s E3. E3 2018 is here, and as usual, there are more games than any mere mortal can sort through on their own. But IGN is no mere mortal – we’re a bunch of mere mortals, checking out every game we can find and putting the hottest items on our shortlist so you can spot all the highlights in one place.

A big story for the gamers out there is the big E3 conference that happened this week with all the big gaming companies announcing upcoming games and titles. We covered a little bit of it with a look at the next Fallout video game, but most expansive coverage can be found with our friends over on IGN. They have a round-up of the best from the convention and a lot more of what was shown off there. Gamers, the future is looking REALLY good. I am anxious to see what Fallout 76 has to offer!

Net Neutrality Rules End Today, But Service (And The Fight) Won’t Change Right Away

As planned, a set of 2015 Open Internet protections known as “net neutrality rules” has now expired, causing reaction across the web; according to internet experts, however, the impacts of this change won’t be felt by consumers — nor affect the battle for digital rights and control — for at least a while longer.

The rules for Net Neutrality ended this week, which freaked a lot of people out, but in the days around this point, there hasn’t been a huge amount of change. Forbes has a story on the change of things and how things aren’t going to be instant. Who knows how this will really turn out.

Netflix goes down on devices across globe; customers freak out on Twitter

News Brief: Streaming giant Netflix went down on Monday afternoon across the globe. “We are aware of members having trouble streaming on all devices. We are investigating the issue and appreciate your patience,” the company tweeted at 2:57 p.m P.T. Rob Toledo, editor-in-chief of streaming news site…

Oddly enough, the same day the rules ended for Net Neutrality ended here in the states, Netflix went down and spooked a bunch of people here in the states. In my group, it was noticed but treated as a joke that the two were connected that closely. Geekwire has a look at the situation. I don’t actually have a Netflix account, but many of those I talk to do. I figured it was just a service hiccup as usual.

Suspected deputy killer John WIlliams enters ‘not guilty plea’

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) — The man arrested and charged with the murder of Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Eugene Cole entered a ‘not guilty’ plea in Cumberland County Superior Court Tuesday. A grand jury indicted Williams on the charge of murder on June 7. John Williams, the man accused of killing Cpl.

Remember John Williams? The guy who accused of the first shooting death of a State Officer in the state of Maine in 30 years and lead to a Nationwide manhunt only to be caught not too far away? The jerk cleaned himself up and made his first appearance in court over the incident (thankfully with clothes on) and entered a “Not Guilty” plea. Portland Maine’s own Channel 6 WCSH is carrying the story and the multiple stories surrounding the nightmarish incident.


16-year-old Japanese girls will no longer be allowed to marry, age of legal adulthood moves to 18

Japanese government votes to amend laws, bringing down age of legal adulthood but raising marrying age for women and gender reassignment surgery . The House of Councilors, the upper house of Japan’s National Diet, has approved a bill to lower the age of legal adulthood in Japan.

In a story of changing laws, The age of consent laws in Japan has been changed with a March vote now going into effect. Soranews24 has the story on how there is going to be changes across the board as many parts of the law will now define the age of adulthood at age 18 instead of 20. The previous laws are over 100 years old now, and with younger people going out into the workforce and getting medical procedures done, it will make their lives hopefully easier.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia –

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

In a sports story, the World Cup of Soccer has kicked off from another year. The World Cup is one of the biggest events in the world! With the coverage and the scale of the vent, even marginally soccer (or Footbol) fans will be paying attention for the next month. I’m kind of a tournament fan myself so I’ll be keeping an eye on things, even if I’m not a huge soccer fan normally.

And with that, That is the Round Up for another week! Keep your eyes open and Keep reading!

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