Earn swag, food and cash simply by sharing pics, videos and creating great content for a new entertainment website catering to young adults.

On top of being part of a growing community and earning gifts as well as cash, it’s a great first step towards your academic and/or professional career as a Fun resume builder. Will also provide a letters of recommendation.

You must be wondering Why It’s Nacho? Because everyone loves nachos and we thought it was a great play on words. Most importantly however, nachos are a variety of ingredients that when combined make a hot, cheese, spicy delicious plate that is best shared. That is what It’s Nacho is all about, bringing all types of ingredients together and make a kick ass website that is shared with the world. It’s Nacho contains posts, quizzes, polls, pictures, video and reviews from young adults helping others navigate the challenges of young adulthood in a fun, entertaining and informative way. Don’t tell anyone but even some of the old dinosaurs in the office are there to help as well.

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Official Ambassador Rules:

Contributions to It’s Nacho will earn you points that can be redeemed for swag, food and cash.  See Point Allocation.  The more you share, the more points you earn.  You earn additional points from the number of times your contribution is viewed so be sure to share! share a link to your content on your social media.

Types of content we’re looking for:

College tours, sporting events, dorms, fraternity/sorority, class/lecture, advice, fashion, sexy, parties, campus buildings, polls, quizzes, memes, spring break, vlogs.  Remember,  the better the content, the more points you’ll earn.  For example, a sexy sorority video will earn you a lot.  Spring Break party…cha ching!  Got dumped..turn it into money.  People want to see unfettered, real content they can relate to. Relatable content is golden content, add a twist and, you have a potential viral gold mine.

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