Your Guide to A Spring Detox

If you want to do something great for your body this season, you have to try a spring detox. This means getting rid of all the toxins, feeling much better and healthier. You will notice that you’re more energetic, that you sleep better and you think clearly. During this time, the way you eat and live should stimulate your liver and other organs to eliminate toxins. The results will show on your skin, face and all over the body. A lot of people do it because they feel symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, headaches, lack of energy, skin rashes, bloating and more. There’s plenty of different programs that you can follow, but all of them are based on the same principles. Check out these simple tips that you can actually work into your everyday life.

Drink More Water

Just like any other cleanse, your spring detox should start with plenty of liquids. Water is the ideal drink that you have to lean on through the detoxification process. Among other recommended liquids are the green tea and water with lemon. Most ladies get the best results by drinking hot water with lemon early in the morning. Forget about coffee, alcohol and all the bubbly drinks that you love so much. In order for your body to get rid of the toxins, it has to be properly hydrated.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should become your go-to ingredients. Try to shop for organic items, they might be a little more expensive but at least you know what you’re getting. If you are really focused on the spring detox, this is the way to go. Berries, apples, lemons, leafy greens are just a part of the things you need to include in your everyday meals. To make things more interesting, you can always add grains, lentils, nuts, and seeds.


Forget About Processed Food

Processed food can actually create toxins in the body, so you need to get everything fresh. If you are a meat lover, try buying fresh and organic chicken, fish, turkey and more. Everything that contains dairy, gluten and a lot of sugar might be a problem. So, avoid all of those foods. All the processed meals will only give your body more to work on. While you’re doing a cleanse, that is definitely a thing that might get in the way.


Regular Exercise

So this is something that you probably anticipated finding on the list. Every single cleanse will be much more successful if you really activate your body. By sweating you eliminate more toxins, plus activates your metabolism. Among other things, people who frequently work out, have a better blood flow and pressure, their lymphatic system gets rid of the toxins faster and

Eat Three Meals a Day

While most body-loss programs recommend that you eat at least five times a day, with the spring detox you need to stick to three meals a day. Avoid getting snacks in between meals. The whole point is to give your body and digestive system enough time to process the food that you’re giving it and to get rid of the toxins.


Minimize Salt and Sugar Intake

Both salt and sugar can be more work for your body. Eating foods highly saturated with sugar is not a good thing while doing a spring detox. First of all, they stimulate your organism to produce more insulin and that is more work than usual. Usually, people who eat a lot of sugary foods feel tired, can experience headaches, are overweight and more. When it comes to salt, with most meals you don’t even have to add it, because all of the foods that you’ll eat contain just enough salt to satisfy your daily needs.

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