Unsolved Mysteries Coming Back!

We ALL remember that music!

Unsolved Mysteries is one of those TV shows that a lot of people just can’t get out of there heads. Often times they didn’t even watch the show first hand but they know about it. It’s spotlighting of murders, bank robberies, and crimes like that would drive away most younger viewers or leave them with nightmares for a while. But whether people actually watched it or they heard about it and avoided it like the plague for the fear that someone on the show would mysterious appear, people knew about it.

Well, Netflix has stated they are going to bring the series back and air new episode of the show most of us were scared of. A new host and new mysteries on this version of the show. A new attempt to give “lucky” viewers nightmares and maybe someone out there to solve some of these mysteries.

Robert Stack gave most us nightmares as a kid!

But before we get to Netflix, there is an entire history to the show going back to the late ’80s. Host Robert Stack had gained fame throughout the years for his role as Elliot Ness in The Untouchables and done many other roles like it afterward. He was one of the original hosts for the series in 1987 along with Raymond Burr and Karl Malden. The show was picked up to be a full series and Stack was made the sole host in 1988. Probably for the best as going with the other two would have made a generation of young kids scared to death of Perry Mason or afraid to go on the Streets of San Fransico

Imagine THAT voice haunting our childhoods!

From there the series spent nearly ten years showing us murderers, thieves, stolen works of art, and a whole host of things. Many times the mysteries were solved and we would get updates of those stories to show that the case is closed and someone was caught and more often than not, convicted. Often times though, the updates on the stories to show the arrest or whatever was done in a way to make it just as scary and many times the updates are the pictures stuck in people’s minds!

The long run on NBC ended in 1997 but that was not the end of the series. It was picked up by CBS. That run didn’t bring the success that the NBC run had and after moving around a bit and being preempted, the show was canceled again in 1999. Thanks to in syndication airings, the show was actually picked up in 2001 for the Lifetime cable network. This time it was more of a mix of old reruns as well as new episodes. This version of the show didn’t last nearly as long as Robert Stack himself was diagnosed with cancer in late 2002. After his death, the Lifetime version of the show stopped making new episodes.

Dennis Farina

But the show wasn’t done yet. In 2008, Spike TV got the rights to the show. A new version with new sets and actor Dennis Farina becoming the new host. This version of the show only did older cases from the show’s past though and the show finally ended it’s run in 2010.

Now here we are in 2019, and Netflix has said it will air a new version of the show. Not much is known about the newest version of the show though. Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove who helped create the original series and returning. Meurer will run the show and Cosgrove will executive produce the new outing. No host has been announced as of yet, but it is said the new show will focus on one unsolved case per episode instead of the multiple cases the past version featured.

It will be interesting to see how Netflix approaches the show and if it will still have the same effect on its audience that the original series had. A lot of these reboots get a lot of flack and not a lot of positive things said about them, but we shall see when the new version of the show airs. Maybe we can run an update of the case then.


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