Tips on Rewriting Your Thesis as a Journal Article

There is a significant difference between a journal article and a thesis, the latter being the parent document. Transforming your argument into a journal article is not the easiest of tasks. However, you do it quickly with proper guidance.

The essential thing in writing a journal is to convert the thesis into a shorter and more summarized journal article. An online paraphrase generator comes in handy, especially in this particular situation. From there,it will be a smooth sail throughout.

So exactly how important is it to reword content?

To achieve a perfect transition from a dissertation to a journal, we need to consider the following:

  • Length

It is the primary differentiation between the two. A thesis is lengthyand has numerous explanations, from the introduction all the waythrough to the conclusion. Whereas a dissertation could run for pagesand pages, a journal needs to be precise.

Put enough effort into the work. To reword paragraphs is the surest way to success. Replace lengthy explanations with few words that have the same meaning. As much as you want to shorten the wording. You do not want to lose the sense.

  • Abstract

Just like your paper, the journal requires an abstract. It gives foresight of everything you did in the article. As before stated, you do not want a lengthy abstract. Try to minimize the use of overly long statements.

The abstract on a journal could take many forms, varying from structuredabstract to unstructured abstracts. The important thing is toestablish what your target audience wants. You could reinforce yourabstract in whatever way you please.

  • Introduction

Your dissertation probably has as much information as you can gather on the topic of discussion. For a good journal, you should avoid it at all costs. Remember that you are writing to professionals with vast experiences in the field.

These sorts of people value their times, and would not want to waste any, in the name of reading introductions. Practically, the literature review would be more concise. Ensure you go straight to the point.

  • Methodology

Keep o lengthy explanations of the tiny details that are considered irrelevant. For your journal, ensure that you indicate only the methods and experiments that yielded the results. The rest will be a bore to the professionals reading it.

Avoid including the research approach; state the procedures in detail.

To reword paragraphs in conclusion or not.

  • Endings

It is a somewhat tricky question. Most students in their papers report too much to the extent that they become irrelevant. For your journal, adhere strictly to the results regarding the conducted experiments and nothing me.

For the references, unlike in dissertation where you get the appreciation for listing all references. A journal should only mention references used in the journal. Avoid lengthy discussions and the only state the point of your experiment and conclusions for a professional feel.

Does online paraphrasing compromise legitimacy?

Remember that the entire research is your work, as such, regardless of whether or not you use online paraphrasing, the authenticity of your work is sustained. You should, however, be careful to avoid plagiarism. It would be rather embarrassing.

Final take on whether to reword paragraphs in your thesis to form a journal

Rewording forms the backbone of thesis conversion. Shortening by merely deleting words will make the journal lose its essence. Take time to reward your entire thesis to come up with an original document, free from errors.


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