The Weekly News Round Up for September 7

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Welcome again Nacho Readers to the end of another week and this week’s Round Up of interesting news found on the internet! It may be after Labor Day now but it is still hot as blazes outside for many of us! Keep cool and all you that are still in school, Keep it up and get Wicked Smart!

Indian supreme court decriminalises homosexuality

India’s supreme court has struck down a colonial-era law that effectively banned homosexual sex in a landmark ruling for gay rights in the country. The court announced the verdict in Delhi on Thursday morning drawing cheers from a crowd of LBGTI Indians and their supporters gathered on a lawn outside the building.

The Guardian has a big news story going around that the Supreme Court of the country of India has decriminalized being gay in the country. The law against it is over 160 years old and dates back to the days when it was ruled by England. The old law was found to be unconstitutional and struck down by the country’s highest court. Your opinion may not be the same, but I’m for it so go them!

Burt Reynolds has died at 82

Burt Reynolds, the mustachioed megastar who first strutted on screen more than half a century ago, died Thursday, according to his agent Todd Eisner.

CNN has a look at Burt Reynolds as we all say goodbye to a big star. He covered a lot of ground from Movies, TV, Video games, He even had a big stake in a USFL football team (The Tampa Bay Bandits) back in the 80’s. That mustache and that laugh though. He had a lot and did a lot to remember him by.


Pho, pierogies and a 7-pound burger: The NFL’s strangest stadium foods

While some of the stadium food offerings sound intriguing, there are others that border on the bizarre. Here are 10 of the strangest items and where you can find them.

CNN has a look at some of the strangest foods found at NFL stadiums around the country. Sure beats the arena beer at the small Civic Center down the road from here! Ring in a new season of Football with a look at these offerings! I may not be a big fan of the team, but that DMV Super Burrito found in Washington DC looks incredible!


Papa John’s executive abruptly steps down

Timothy O’Hern told the pizzacompany on Wednesday that he is retiring,according to an SEC filing. He became president of the company’s international division in May. He also served as Papa John International’s chief development officer. O’Hern became a franchisee in 1993, and worked for the company for more than 20 years.

CNN Money has an article about how Papa John’s Pizza is losing another high profile executive. The president of the company’s International division, Timothy O’Hern, is leaving the job on his own accord. He has been with the company for over 20 years and it is said he is leaving for “personal reasons”. The struggling Pizza makers have been in the spotlight after the company’s founder and chairman John Schnatter was reported to have used some racially insensitive language during a company conference call. He has since gone on to blast the company. I can’t imagine that is a great place to be an executive for right now.


The country that gave the world espresso gets its first Starbucks

More than three decades after Milan’s cafés inspired Howard Schultz to turn Starbucks into a global success, the coffee giant is returning the favor by opening its first Italian store in the city.

NBC News has the story about The first Starbucks has opened up in the country of Italy. It is a heck of an idea as opening up a Starbucks in the home place of Expresso is an interesting venture. It reminds me of when they tried to open Red Lobster restaurants here in the state of Maine. Hope they have more success than that idea did!


Coastal Labs Studying Increased Flooding Consider Moving Because Of Increased Flooding

Scores of coastal research labs around the U.S. are helping communities plan for sea level rise. But now many are starting to flood themselves, creating a dilemma: stay by the coast and endure expensive flooding, or move inland, to higher ground, but away from their subject of study.

NPR has the story about the Marine Consortium lab of Louisianna University. It studies all kinds of things affecting the shoreline and helps come up with plans for people in case of flooding and other things. The problem is they are now thinking about moving because of flooding. The increase in water and the sinking of the lands is making the location not so great. They’d be ones to make the call and come up with an idea of what to do!


Idol singer forgets to shut off streaming camera, giggles over how much she makes per video【Vid】

“Don’t watch this if you don’t want to have your dreams shattered,” warns one fan, but others have a very different response. Just like the title suggests, singing only makes up half of what idol singers do.

Soranews 24 has the story of  Japanese Idol singer Bibian Murakawa, a member of the group HKT48. She was streaming on the internet live and signed off, but forgot to turn the camera off. What makes people pay attention is when she asks an unknown person in the room  “So all I have to do to get 16,000 yen [US$144] is stream a video like that?” there is more to the conversation but that was a heck of a way to show where the loyalty lies in this situation. I agree with her motivation, but you don’t tell people that!


No kidding! Goats graze to curb invasive plants in Maine park

SOUTH PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) – A small herd of goats is helping clean up a park in Maine that is being overrun by an invasive plant. The herd arrived Wednesday at Yerxa Park along the Greenbelt in South Portland to munch on a dense area of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plants.

And a local news story from WCSH 6 here in Maine as the area of Yerxa Park in South Portland has an interesting problem. There are some invasive species of plants growing in the area but it is also regulated with what it can use to get rid of them (The effort is to cut down on pesticides and chemicals found in the ground) so what do they do? Bring in a herd of goats! They let them hungry guys do their thing to clean up the plants with a longer-term plan is to plant native species in the area and even put in some benches! I kid you not!

With the image of goat fueled gardening going through your head ( and not the bad goat pun I just laid down), we end this week’s Round Up! Be like the goats and eat well!

And remember, in life, Keep your eyes open and Keep reading!

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