Pros vs. Cons: Is It Good To Work While Studying in College

The older we get, the more responsibilities we have to take or learn to have. It is no wonder that when one gets to college, many consider taking a job, whether full-time or part-time. Reasons for choosing to work while studying varies among students.

It could be to earn a little extra income that will go towards your tuition or maintenance costs or to improve your resume. The choice of the type of job one chooses also varies; one could offer letter of recommendation services , or take an office job. Before you decide on whether to work while you study or not, it is ideal to have all the pro’s and con’s to help you make an informed choice.

They include:


Helps you build your resume

Having work experience in your resume makes it more appealing to recruiters than no job experience. When you are applying to different opportunities after campus, you won’t have to buy letter of recommendation, as you can have one of the networks you have, to write one for you.

You also gain valuable experience, in learning the importance of teamwork, effective communication skills, networking, etc., in any workplace.

You earn extra income

Yes, building your resume, it an added advantage, and if the job pays, that’s even better. The money you make you can put it to good use. You can use it towards paying your tuition, and you will have the upper hand of forgoing, taking a loan.

It can earn you money for your maintenance, and you will be able to concentrate on your studies without having to worry about where your next meal will come from.

It may help boost your grades

For one to be successful at both studying and working, you have to practice discipline and time management. You have little time to waste on things that don’t count. According to research by the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics, students who work for 20 hours a week or less, performed better than those who didn’t work at all.

It is not just about building your resume, but working may help you get better grades in your tenure on campus.

Makes you responsible

Taking a job while studying turns you into a responsible individual. At the workplace, you have to be on your best foot, by being able to work and deliver with or without supervision. You learn how to engage and interact with customers, even when they may be out of line. These skills are necessary for the real word.


Pressure of Time management

The time you spend working is a time you could have used to study or relax as you prepare for an upcoming exam. The pressures of having to juggle between different things can become stressful. Having to avail yourself at work and having a lecture that you would like to attend, at the same time, etc.

  • Lack of Satisfaction

While working adds value to your resume, earning an income and recommendation letter writing needs, it may not be a satisfying endeavor. It all boils down to the duties that you undertake and the field that intrigues you.


Every cloud has a silver lining; the same applies to working while studying. If you have your priorities right and focus on your goals, it all becomes bearable, and in the end, it will be worth it.

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