Grow Your Instagram Following With These Easy Steps

We live in an era when you can actually spend time on the phone and get paid for that. Instagram is a very powerful platform, and possibly the most popular app at the moment. Millions of bloggers use it to communicate with their followers and actually earn quite a lot at the same time. But there is one problem that can be on the way of your Insta profile and earning a decent amount. The number of followers! You’ve probably been wondering how those gorgeous ladies get to have millions of followers by only traveling around the world, eating the best meals and having fun. Gaining a large number of followers can be hard, but it’s not impossible.

There are several tips that you can actually try to increase your Instagram following. Some of them are very simple, while others require work. Either way, if you’ve decided to get noticed get ready to do some serious work. This is not some hobby that you enjoy. Being an Insta blogger is a full-time job. So roll up your sleeves and start reading.

Grow Your Instagram Following With These Easy Steps

Use Hashtags

It might sound like an old trend, but hashtags can bring a wide audience to your profile. With the new Instagram options, once you use a hashtag it will appear in the feed of thousands of people. Make sure that your hashtags are always innovative. You don’t have to stick to the lame, always used ones. You can always get creative and add new, funny, witty ones that will attract people’s attention. When you’re publishing an Insta story, it’s a great idea to add a hashtag to it also. Less popular hashtags have a better chance of making it to the top and becoming a trending topic.

Be Present

People love following Instagram users who upload often and upload a quality content. So the most important thing is that you have to be out there. Try taking quality pictures, posted with descriptive and interesting captions. Also create your own recognizable style, that will be present in each post. Avoid posting pictures that are blurry, low-quality and boring. You can always find something that makes your Instagram unique and different from other users. Stick to it! Also, share bits and parts of your life by actually posting stories and going live. If it’s a company or a brand, you might even want to hire a marketing specialist to help you with the advertisement.

Grow Your Instagram Following With These Easy Steps like comment friend request

Add Location

Always add the location where the picture was taken, or where the Insta story was created. That way you’ll appear in the search of people who see the story of the city where you’re at. In other words, hundreds of possible new followers. The chances are, if they like what they see, they will tap the Follow button.

Pay Attention to Your Bio

People like what they see on the first sight. Your Biography and profile picture should be inviting. You should change it from time to time, and also include a website if you have one.


Instagram is not only meant for sharing photos and stealing style tips from bloggers. This platform should help you communicate with followers and millions of people from all around the world. That’s why you should always get in touch with people, and listen to what your followers like. Also, involve calls of action. Always mention in your stories that you’ve posted a new picture so that all of your fans could show you some love if they missed seeing it. You can even remind them to turn on the post notification.

Grow Your Instagram Following With These Easy Steps like comment friend request


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