Google Destroys All Rumors About A Revision Of Its Crypto Ads Policy

Google has been making it to quite a number of news outlets’ headlines either due to a noticeable change of policies or revision of an already existing and well-utilized service. The crypto industry is also observing an impact by Google’s recent moves. However, one particular announcement has caused a lot of stir. This particular announcement is about Google AdWords’ name being changed to “Google Ads”. The change of name of the service is being called by many as the long-awaited removal of anti-cryptocurrency policies which were set by the tech giant at the start of 2018. Google has decided to take part in the gossip and revealed that it has no intentions of unbanning cryptocurrency ads.

Now, we all know that Google’s advertisement network is perhaps the most far-reaching channel in every aspect and produces the most satisfiable results. The service is one of the most powerful business tools for someone who knows how to use it. Well, for any sort of legal business except crypto businesses.

Google had announced the ban on all crypto-related ads from its ads networks during the start of 2018. The reason was the same cliched “We don’t want our users to get scammed by crypto-related fraud schemes.” And just like Facebook and Twitter, the two other anti-crypto tech giants that Google had joined by banning cryptocurrency ads, Google chose to avoid the potential liabilities that it may have had to face when one of its own ads turned out to be for a fraudulent scheme.

Another major factor in play was a screenshot posted on Reddit which showed the user searching for bitcoin and getting a Coinbase advertisement in the results. The screenshot quickly tore through the boundaries of crypto community forums and popular social networks and kept spreading until people were so sure about it that they actually started anticipating an official announcement soon. Well, we did get an announcement by Google on the tropic, but I am sure that it wasn’t what most of the people in the crypto arena were hoping to hear.

Google simply tweeted an announcement that couldn’t have been blunter in saying that the crypto community was being fed sweet lies and nothing else. The announcement clearly said that crypto related advertisements are not allowed on Google Ads.


The recent few days brought in some hope, but Google could not have been clearer about its steering away from the crypto industry. The announcement was not the only thing that proved that the tech giant doesn’t have any plans to invite cryptocurrency industry for business anytime soon. Another major step taken by Google is the removal of MetaMask – a browser-based Ethereum wallet – from Google Chrome Web Store. The move caused sheer panic in the crypto community which was followed by a large portion of the community resenting Google for its decision. Reports have said that MetaMask also tried to fight the removal but couldn’t get anywhere.

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