The Colden Collection of the Funniest Essay and Tests Answers

Exams pretty much take a toll on almost every other student. Sometimes you are lucky to have read the exact content that is to be tested, or you realize that you didn’t entirely go through the “right” material.

What happens when you see a question that you need to answer but don’t know how to? Students never cease to amaze at times, below is a collection of funny essay and test answers from students. While education is designed for personal development of an individual, some students find creative ways to respond to test questions.

According to professional essay revisor, it may be difficult to choose whether to penalize a student for creativity or thinking outside the box. Take a look at some of the hilarious answers from students:

Multiple Choice Questions

In a particular test with a multiple choice question, the students were to choose between the words fit and hit, to fill in the blank space. The problem goes:

  • The man ____the dog.

This particular student didn’t see fit to use any of the given words to fill in the blank. He or she instead, fixed a different word, pet. (I will use the prefix he in this context). He then explained his choice with: dogs should not be hit.

Well, that’s a logical explanation that you can’t argue that.

Essay Question

We can all admit that writing doesn’t come easily to many. However, even those that are considered excellent writers have different styles of writing. When using a free essay revisor, it will check your writing techniques and not an in-depth analysis of the relevance of your material.

One Peter Nguyen had to write a biology report of a poet. He chose to write on Walt Whitman, though his essay is merely a fabrication of the mind. His Walt Whitman was born in Hong Kong and was older than 3000 years.

  • Short Story Question

Tests are designed to assess our comprehension of the concepts we ought to study and learn. One of the tasks of a teacher is to analyze how thoroughly each student grasps information. As they mark the papers, it is not uncommon to find well-thought, creative but not the appropriate answer.

In a specific college, they were tested on their creativity in writing a short story that had religion, sexuality, and mystery in it. In the instructions, the candidates were to use as few words as possible in their content.

A genius student thought about it and formulated a story in about ten words. It goes like this:

                                    “Good God, I’m pregnant; I wonder who did it.”

  • Description Questions

Back in the days, while I was still in high school, Physics was a “selective” subject, in that you could choose to pursue it or not. Most of the times, in the rankings those students who opted for other courses had better grades, overall than Physics students.

The reason why (in our case), was the test questions were particularly hard. In a specific exam, a friend of mine disclosed to me how she drew a crying lady because she just didn’t know how to answer a question that was assigned 20 points.

Consider this other example:

                                     What is meant by the term “hermaphrodite”?

This particular student saw it fit to answer with, Lady Gaga.


We have all had our share of test anxiety, but these hilarious responses just make the whole school life experience, worth reminiscing. An essay revisor will go through your content and leave those witty, funny sentiments where you placed them.


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