10 Best Voice to Text Apps for Android and iOS

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Having the time to type out every conversation or meeting can be such a time consuming and tedious task. There is an app for almost everything out there and if it isn’t, you can be sure someone is working on it. We can say that there are some benefits to living in an era that is technologically advanced. Voice to text apps are great because it saves so much time, but it can be frustrating when it does not work.

Sometimes it is cheaper to just find a typist for hire because some apps can convert your text incorrectly. Finding the best apps is also challenging because there are so many options available. Luckily, the apps on this list have been tested and are proven to be the best out there. You are always going to have to go over the text and make sure it runs perfectly. Making one or two changes is not the end of the world. That means it is almost perfect and should still save some time.

  • iSpeech

This is a great voice to text app to use on android and iPhone. What makes this app stand out is the fact that it is probably the easiest one to use. There are no complications and difficult navigation. Another great feature is that you can use multiple languages, which makes it compatible globally. With this freedom of language choice, it makes for a popular app as most are usually in English. You can also share the notes that you took with other.

  • Dragon Anywhere

Another easy to use app is this one, which is compatible with iOS. You simply speak into the phone and in no time, you can convert it to text. Definitely one of the most streamlined processes. This app is free and works well, without much correcting to do afterwards. Of course, with all these apps, it is important that you speak clearly. It won’t be the same as if you hired a typing service but it does get very close.

  • SpeechNote

If you are looking for an app that has both accuracy and speed, SpeechNote is a great choice. Simply record your ideas on the app using your voice and it easily converts it into text. It also works in a few languages, which is always a plus. If you have a note that you no longer need, it can be easily deleted. You are in charge with this app and it always helps when you have a bit of freedom.

  • Voice Dictation

This app has not been around for as long as some of the others, but it has become a huge competitor. It is easy to use and converts your voice into text effortlessly. You do not have to do much after recording your notes on this app as it does most of the hard work for you. Once you get familiar with how it works, it all becomes as easy as pressing a button.

  • Voice Text

As the name suggests, the app does exactly what it says. It’s a no-brainer that this app is a voice to text converter, but it is the quality of what it does that makes it stand out. You can use it to send messages via text and on social media directly from the app. This definitely makes it uncomplicated. Of course, this is not a notetaking converter, but rather used for communicating with others.

  • Google Keyboard

There was a time when the only way we could do a search on google, we would have to type in the request. Now, Google has a feature which converts our voice searches to text. The times I do use it, there is usually not a lot of errors and it works perfectly. It is a very specific feature that is used to browse the web. You would need to find another app if you need it to record a meeting, for example.

  • Speech to Text

This is an all-round voice to text app. It does most of what you want and it can even send emails. We all know how long it takes when typing documents and now we can give our fingers a little break. It uses high-quality API voice recognition software that helps with accuracy. You can use this app free of charge, but there is an upgraded version available. The free version works pretty well, but if you are using this for serious documents, I would suggest you upgrade.

  • TalkBox

Messaging people around the world or just your family is better with this app. Add those you want to talk to in your chat circle and you can easily send messages. These have to be less than 1 minute recorded voice for the converter to work. This is great for simply sending a quick message to your mom who might be abroad. It’s effortless and provides a safe space for chatting.

  • SpeechNotes

When you are working, you don’t need extra distractions. There are so many distractions out there already, but with this clean interface app, you will remain focused. The clear page that is on the screen can get you into work mode quickly. Then it is time to start sharing your ideas and see your voice notes be converted to text. This app is great when you are working on bigger projects. It also works for work meetings, which saves you the cost of having someone sit there and take your notes.

  • Speak – Text to Speech

This is one of the bestdesigned apps and works perfectly. Even if you said something a little soft, it will still pick it up and convert it to text. The accuracy of this app is incredible and it should be a good pick for anyone. You can even change the accent of the voice for better recognition and conversion. It’s that detailed and accurate.

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