Why Serbia Is Fast Becoming A Hot Spot For Health Tourism

People seeking surgery visit foreign countries for a couple of different reasons. The costs are extremely cheap even though there isn’t a drop in standards. Also, if you need a procedure done you can be seen within a few days.

Serbia ticks these two boxes easily, but it’s also a lovely place to visit. Everyone is taking that into consideration too. You want to mix your surgery in with a little sightseeing, so let’s look at the delights Serbia has to offer.

1. Golubac Fortress

Every health tourist will need to visit one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe. Sadly, modern technology has caused lots of the outer walls to become submerged in water. It’s finally starting to decay after so many wild battles and wars.

To be fair, it does add a certain charm to it. An old fortress will always be considered more interesting than a brand new one. It has multiple towers protecting various compounds and you’ll get to walk around exploring them.

2. The Skull Tower

The Skull Tower isn’t a creative name they came up with to promote tourism. You’ll quickly discover it’s been built using the human skills of enemies conquered in the past. It’s a must-see when you visit the stunning town of Nis.

You should probably stay away if you’re squeamish. The practice of stacking skulls you’ve destroyed is ancient, but it managed to survive until historic times. Relatives have actually been trying to recover loved ones over the years.

3. Drina River House

When you pass through Bajina Bašta you’ll need to pay a visit to the Drina River. There is something you might not expect sitting in the middle of it. A wooden cabin is perched on a rock and it’s survived for nearly 50 years.

The river has been rising and falling since long before we can remember. The rock always seemed to stick out no matter how high it got. A group of friends decided it would be a good place to build a holiday cabin.

4. Bubanj Memorial Park

Anyone who enjoys history might want to visit Bubanj Memorial Park in order to honor the fallen during World War Two. It’s home to one of the worst massacres that took place, which involved 10,000 Serbs.

They were rounded up into a large group and shot by German forces. The memorial trails and statues are beautiful to look at. It’s just terribly unfortunate why they had to be built in the first place.

5. Belgrade Tesla Museum

Tesla is one of the most iconic brands in recent times and it’s going to change the world. Do you know how Elon Musk came up with the name? The company was named after the great Nikola Tesla, who Musk admired a lot.

He was a genius scientist and inventor who changed the course of history forever. All of his inventions can be found at the Belgrade Tesla Museum. It’s even the final resting place of his ashes at this moment in time.

6. Ruzica Church

What is the last thing you’d expect to see in a church? Weapons like swords and cannons would sit close to the top of the list. You’ll see them if you visit Ruzica Church while recovering from your operation.

The church has a couple of chandeliers lighting the place up. They’re made entirely of cannon parts, swords, and spent bullet casings. It’s the oldest church in the country and nobody knows for sure who built it.

7. Bridge Of Love

A school teacher fell in love with a soldier before World War One, but it wasn’t to be. Her love was sent to the war and he married another woman. The teacher fell apart and died all alone years later.

Females in the town didn’t want to suffer the same fate, so they etched their names onto padlocks alongside the name of someone they loved. They were attached to a bridge and it’s where the phenomenon originated.

You Won’t Regret Visiting Serbia

Health tourism is only going to keep getting more popular in Serbia. Patients are blown away by the quality of their hospitals and clinics, plus they can’t stop talking to their friends about the country itself. If you require surgery you won’t regret going there for a second.


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