Top Trending New Year’s Eve Destinations For 2019

It’s almost time to welcome the new year. All of the passionate travelers will want to find the perfect location for a getaway. If you are looking for great New Year’s Eve destinations, just keep on reading. We made sure to find out the hottest suggestions about where to spend the first moments of 2019. All of them are super-trending, plus huge cities that bring a number of other attractions. You will never be bored, no matter which one you choose. Some are even warm and summery to make things better.


New York

The Big Apple is never boring. Even if you’ve visited many times, a New Year’s Eve experience is a completely different story. Most of you wouldn’t even want to hear about going there for the big night. But what you don’t know is that Times Square is one of the most magical places to be at right before the clock hits. If you are not that much of an outdoorsy person, you can always start booking ahead of time and find just the right bar or restaurant. The whole city is full of exciting happenings and things to do. The huge ball that drops exactly on midnight is followed by performances from some of the biggest stars in the world. These are just a part of the reasons why New York should be your destination of choice for 2019.

Top Trending New Year’s Eve Destinations For 2019 new york


Sydney is one of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations for 2019. Just as extravagant as New York, this Australian gem is much better in one thing. You will never be cold in Sydney when the new year hits. It is officially summer season there in December. That is why people there celebrate by renting a boat and watching the amazing fireworks. Another option is the numerous restaurants that are located near the Harbour Bridge so that you can have a front-row view at the happening. The word is that they spend over $7 million solely on fireworks for the big night. Definitely worth being there.

Top Trending New Year’s Eve Destinations For 2019 sydney

Rio de Janeiro

If you are all about spending New Year’s at a tropical location, where it’s warm and there is a beach, this is it. Welcome to paradise! Another great destination where it’s summer during this time of the year. Everyone gathers on the beach, but there are many other options as well. Around two million people go to the epic Copacabana beach to celebrate with drinks and dance. You can visit the numerous bars and nightclubs which offer a wild party. At Copacabana, there is a happening with the main stage, where you can see many artists performing. This beach is so packed that you have to arrive early to find a spot. Make sure to bring a lot of booze and to wear white. Once this is all done, you can start exploring all the big attractions this city has to offer.

Top Trending New Year’s Eve Destinations For 2019 rio de janeiro


Edinburgh is definitely not the first place that comes to mind when you think about this celebration. But, it has a fierce happening every single year. The capital of Scotland is among the top trending New Year’s Eve destinations for 2019. People know the event as Hogmanay. This is a very organized happening that attracts a wide audience. There will be a huge stage with performances, fireworks, and many traditional events. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Top Trending New Year’s Eve Destinations For 2019 edinburgh



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